When Can I Swim After Microblading?

When Can I Swim After Microblading

Micro-blading is a popular procedure that helps you in achieving naturally fuller brows and lets you arch them to your heart’s content. 

Utilizing a hand-held tool, the artist inserts pigments or hair-like strokes into the client’s eyebrow skin to fill in sparse areas or imitate an entire brow.

Because one must never underestimate the power of good eyebrows, Microblading has been a knight in shining armor for people deprived of good eyebrow genetics. 

The lifespan of microblading, a semi-permanent procedure, varies depending on the client’s natural brow growth and typically ranges from 10 to 18 months.  

When getting microblading done, you should know that after-care is crucial for better and longer-lasting results. One question that often arises is how long after microblading can clients go swimming?

The Healing Process: What To Expect?

Before delving deeper into whether you can dive deep into the oceans with freshly done eyebrows, what first needs to be understood is what to expect in the healing process.

While microblading can give you perfectly defined eyebrows, the treatment entails a bit of discomfort initially, so you must be mentally prepared.

After microblading, after-care is important. For the first 10-14 days, you will experience changes in your eyebrows in terms of thickness, color, and overall appearance. You may also experience a tender and painful face, which leads to itching and patchy skin. 

Therefore, all clients must adhere strictly to all the after-care instructions for 20-25 days to increase the longevity of the results. This includes refraining from touching or rubbing the skin, preventing sweat, and avoiding water at all costs.

So all of this brings us back to the elephant in the room, how long should one wait before swimming?

Let’s see!

I Had Microblading; When Can I Swim?

After microblading, it is recommended that the skin should not be exposed to water for two weeks at least. This means no swimming!

Why so? If the skin comes into contact with water, the pigment might have difficulty absorbing properly into the skin. This is why any type of water, including ocean, pool, and even shower water, can cause the pigment to fade. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid engaging in any water-based activities. 

The fact that pool or ocean water is typically chlorinated and that chlorine can be harsh around your eyebrow and increase the risk of infections is another reason you shouldn’t swim before two weeks.

The client must also refrain from going into the sun or saunas as well because they can lead to excessive sweat, which is not good for newly treated skin either.

Thus, the moral of the story is that the less water and sun you are exposed to, the better it is for you. 

Does Chlorine Ruin Microblading?

Saltwater or chlorinated water is typically found in ocean or pool waters. After going through microblading, it is not safe to come in contact with any type of water as it can impede the healing process.

The following risks also arise from chlorine exposure to freshly treated skin:

  • Infections
  • Burning
  • It can result in the pigment fading prematurely
  • It can cause the color to fade

In light of all this, it is essential to avoid chlorinated water to produce the best results which are long-lasting.

Is It Safe To Swim In Natural Water After Microblading?

To give the skin the best chance of healing, swimming in any body of water is unsafe for at least two weeks.

Natural water is not safe either, as it may contain bacteria that can be harmful to your already-treated skin. Thus, it is not recommended to swim in the natural water either.

Precautionary Measures For Swimming: How To Protect Your Eyebrows Post Treatment

It is a famous saying, “Your makeup game will never be a 10 if your skincare game is only a two.” Having said that, if you do not take care of the microblading, it will not produce the desired outcomes.

Hence, apply a layer of petroleum jelly or ointment to create a barrier between your eyebrows and the water. And also, apply waterproof and sun-proof sunscreen with SPF30 for protection against UV Rays.

Do not wear goggles in the water or tight swimwear, which may have the chance of rubbing against your eyebrows. Itching can be brought on by all of this, which must be prevented at all costs. Another precautionary measure to take is to gently pat dry your face after exiting the water rather than rubbing the towel over your face.

Everyone’s skin is different, and so is the healing process, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, before diving into the water, consult your microblading artist first, who will guide you as to your skin health. 

It’s crucial to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your microblading artist if you want the best results. Even after two weeks, you must take precautions until your artist completely clears you for swimming in fresh or seawater. 

Remember, your skin requires commitment and deserves the best!

Embark on the Microblading Journey With Us!

Eyebrows speak words and must never be underestimated. This is why the microblading technique is a must-have for everybody who is woeful about their sparse eyebrows.

But to achieve the eyebrows that give you a photo-ready face round-the-clock and a profound appearance that leaves an impact, you must take essential precautions and avoid water religiously.

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