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Your Confidence!

After a mastectomy, it is not uncommon to feel insecure. You are not alone in this situation. Invasive breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in the United States. As a result, a large number of women have had their breast(s) removed to fight breast cancer.

Furthermore, many of these women yearn for a less intrusive way to restore the natural appearance of their breasts following mastectomy. This refers to the rebuilding of the nipple and areola in particular. 

Don’t trust just anyone with your tattoo restoration needs. Christina Morgan of LUXE RX (the paramedical tattoo side of LUXE Brow + Lash) has been trained by Ink Boutique Houston, Texas’s premier Paramedical tattooing training program. 

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What is an Areola Tattoo?

Areola tattooing is a cosmetic procedure that involves tattooing the area of the chest or breast where the areola is located. Areola ink’s concept is that it affects the look of the nipple in some manner, whether it be by adding one or modifying the shape. The 3D Areola is a method that may be used to create an image of a nipple on the skin with dimensional shading within the pigment of the tattoo ink. This technique adds hyper-visual realism to the coloration used to restore the nipple pigment. We aren’t talking about just a flat drawing here, this is a detailed, layered look that is nearly identical to the look of a real nipple.

This semi-permanent procedure, comparable to microblading eyebrows, will be designed and performed by a skilled tattoo artist. Nipple and areola tattoos, like microblading services, are created by implanting colour pigment beneath the skin’s surface layer.

The procedure is done with a small electronic tattoo machine using precise disposable and sterile needles. However, unlike microblading eyebrows that last one to three years, tattooed nipples and areolas tend to last much longer.

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Is a
3D Nipple Tattoo Right for you?

Tattooing the nipples and areolas may make anyone feel more at ease with their new or natural breasts. If any of the following apply to you, our service could be a good fit:

Areola Tattooing Austin TX
  • Post Mastectomy
  • Surgical Scars
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Subcutaneous Mastectomy
  • Breast Cancer Survivor
  • Pale or Light Areola / Nipple Color
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Cancer Survivor
  • Female to Male Transition Surgery
  • Keyhole Surgery
  • Fair Skin
  • Sex Reassignment Surgery

TX Areola Restoration Examples

3D Nipple Tattoo Pricing

Areola Repigmentation FAQS

How Much Does Areola Tattooing Cost in Austin, TX?

Paying for Nipple Tattoos & Camouflage Tattoos If you’re paying out of pocket, an Austin nipple tattoo from a skilled tattoo artist will typically costs around $350 for one nipple and $600 to $800 for two.

Does Insurance Cover Areola Tattoo/Areola Repigmentation?

Permanent makeup and areola cosmetic tattooing is a big confusing mess whether it is covered by insurance or not. Insurance companies are obligated by law to pay for the treatment.

Regrettably, they have a say in who they work with. Because we are not health-care providers, we are unable to charge insurance companies directly. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider and inquire about their procedure for covering this treatment. Thankfully, The United Breast Cancer Foundation has grants available to aid with the costs of 3D Areola Tattooing.

Does a Nipple Tattoo Hurt?

Breast numbness is common after a mastectomy because the procedure causes nerve damage, which diminishes breast sensitivity.

The amount of pain experienced throughout the nipple and areola tattooing procedure varies from person to person, however be aware that your rebuilt breast is no longer as sensitive as it once was. As a result, the pain level is usually fairly modest.

You may feel tingling and discomfort, however a numbing lotion or topical local anaesthetic can be administered 15-20 minutes before the treatment to alleviate this. During the operation, patients with implants may feel a vibration via the implant.

How Long Does a 3D Nipple & Areola Last?

While a tattoo is often supposed to last a lifetime, we use considerably lighter colours than a traditional tattoo. Any fading may occur over time, and you may want to have your colour renewed at some point. We usually attempt to tattoo the region lighter rather than darker, thus a second visit may be necessary… keep in mind that we may always darken the area but not lighten it before it’s finished.As a result, brighter is always preferable to darker. If you’d like to learn more, check out our blog that discusses how long an areola tattoo lasts.

What is a Scar Camouflage?

A skin camouflage tattoo, also known as scar camouflage, is the tattooing of different hues of flesh tone pigments on the skin. Its goal is to conceal a scar or an area of skin that lacks pigment or colour. It’s a subset of permanent cosmetics that falls within the medical or paramedical tattooing umbrella.

Is Areola Tattooing covered by Insurance?


The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 requires insurance companies to cover post mastectomy reconstruction, including areola/nipple tattooing. Insurance companies may reimburse some of the cost of the procedure but this is not guaranteed and it is up to the patient to submit the claim post procedure.

If looking for coverage it is advised that you contact your provider prior to your procedure to inform them you are in the process of preparing for Paramedical Micropigmentation to finalize your reconstruction post mastectomy due to breast cancer and inquire if Pre authorization is required and request a Predetermination of Procedure Benefit Allowance.

Insurance companies requirements may vary, therefore when speaking to them be sure to ask all pertinent information needed to facilitate your claim, however at minimum they usually require the following turned in:

– A prescription from your doctor with ICD-10 and CPT codes
– A claim reimbursement form which is found on their specific website
– A receipt of payment from the facility where the procedure was performed
– A letter of medical necessity provided by your doctor
– Your health history form filled out at your visit
– If prior authorization is required you will need the codes on your prescription
– Before/after photos are recommended to facilitate the process

Procedure and Diagnosis codes information necessary for pre-authorization and for claim reimbursement


11921 (Unilateral) Tattooing and intradermal introduction of insoluble opaque pigments to correct color defects, including micropigmentation, 6.1 to 20.1 sq cm

11922 (Bilateral) Tattooing and intradermal introduction of insoluble opaque pigments to correct color defects, including micropigmentation, each additional 20.0 sq cm, or part thereof (list separately in addition to code for primary procedure)

Z80.3 Family History of Malignant neoplasm of breast

Z85.3 Personal History of Malignant neoplasm of breast

Z90.11 Acquired absence of Right breast and Nipple

Z90.12 Acquired absence of Left breast and Nipple

Z90.13 Bilateral

N65.1 Breast Asymmetry on native breast or disproportion of reconstructed breast

N65.0 Deformity of reconstructed breast