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While often not believed to fall under the umbrella of permanent makeup OR cosmetic tattooing, microblading in Austin TX is every bit as much a tattoo as other permanent makeup treatments.  Perhaps the reason people believe it is different is that it is a treatment completed with a hand tool that looks like a pen.

Furthermore, many permanent makeup artists advertise it as a semi-permanent treatment because it does not last as long as other treatments–approximately 10 to 18 months, though this varies from client to client.

Firstly, it is important to understand that all eyebrow permanent makeup treatments will lighten over time.  Microblading has a tendency to fade sooner than treatments accomplished with a machine.  That said, the minute any pigment molecules are placed into the skin, some always remain, whether or not visible to the naked eye.  For this reason, it is incorrect to call microblading semi-permanent.

A microblade is not actually a “blade” at all, but a carefully designed attachment to the pen which is a series of single needles either soldered together or tightly bound in a linear fashion. The microblade device is used by the artist to precisely etch individual hair strokes into the skin to either replicate an entire eyebrow, or to add to an existing brow which may be sparse and/or thin.

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Microblading: What Every Client
Needs To Know

The artist will follow the pattern of the natural brow, or apply a pattern that best suits the client’s preference.  Eyebrows do have a tendency to have very specific growth patterns and a good artist is well versed in all of them.  Microblading is not for all skin types so it is important to ensure that your artist is trained in all eyebrow permanent makeup techniques.  This is all discussed and decided during consultation.  

Clients who are not ideal candidates tend to have oily or very thin skin or who have skin conditions that make another technique more suitable.  Many artists prefer to have clients alternate between microblading and a powder brow technique, for the act of etching a single line into the skin to mimic a brow hair, done repeatedly over time may cause micro-scarring.  At all times the artist is looking to respect the integrity of the skin.  Therefore, not only is it important to ensure your technician is broadly trained, they must also have an intuitive understanding of the skin structure. 

As with all permanent eyebrow treatments there is an initial session, followed by a perfection appointment between 5 and 8 weeks later.  On occasion a second perfection session is required.  Microblading should not be uncomfortable if done correctly and clients receive frequent applications of topical anaesthetic to the treated area throughout the session.


FAQ for
Microblading in Austin

How much does Microblading Cost in Austin TX?

The cost of microblading in Austin TX will be different based on the level of expertise of your permanent makeup artist. Performed at a sterile, secure setting with an experienced accredited practitioner, prices vary from $300 to over $1,000. Touch-ups often charge a bit more than half of the total cost of the initial process or even less expensive. The overall savings when compared with the demand for constantly buying makeup, could be rather considerable.

How long does Microblading take to heal?

As the pigment settles into its form, microblading can take 10 to 14 days to heal. During this time, your skin will be extremely sensitive. You will find scabs that will fall off naturally on your own brows, just like you would for a normal tattoo. The colours will fade if you purposely remove the scabs, much like a regular tattoo. During this time, you should avoid allowing any moisture onto your brows. As a result, you might need to stop going to the gym for a while and take extra care when showering.

Is Microblading painful?

Pain can obviously differ for each individual, but generally, the pain and irritation from microblading is less painful than that of a normal tattoo. After a few minutes, you will probably have the ability to adjust without it really phasing you. Your Austin Microblading specialist will ensure your comfort level is excellent for the entire process.

How long does Microblading last?

Outcomes generally last between 12-36 months and, if you want to maintain your brows, you need to plan to schedule an yearly touch-up session. You may speak with your own Austin eyebrow specialist about a personalized program for you to help you maintain your perfect results for so long as you choose.

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