How Young Is Too Young for Permanent Makeup?

How Young Is Too Young for Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup solutions have been all the hype recently, with celebrities and influencers raving about their many advantages. 


Whether it is eyebrow microblading, permanent eyeliner, lash line enhancements, or lip blushing, permanent makeup procedures can help women of all ages look picture-perfect, night or day! 


But what is permanent makeup? Simply put, PMU is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure conducted by licensed and experienced makeup artists who inject pigment or ink into the upper layers of the skin using a specialized tool to enhance facial features.


The procedure isn’t painful and despite the name, isn’t permanent either. Most procedures only last for about a year or two with the most popular types being eyebrow microblading, permanent eyeliner, lash line enhancements, lip blushing, and freckle tattoos.  


But what age is best for such types of permanent makeup procedures? Well, that’s what we are here to find out. Let’s dive in!

Is Permanent Makeup Right For You? The Plus Points

Before getting into the age restrictions part, it is important to understand the advantages of Permanent Makeup and whether it is right for you, regardless of age. 


PMU is best for:


  1. Those with sparse or over-plucked eyebrows can get natural-looking eyebrows that are always perfectly defined with PMU procedures such as microblading.
  2. Lip blushing and lash line enhancements are perfect for those who are seeking a low-maintenance way to go lipstick-free and eyeliner-free. 
  3. Individuals who would like to have perfectly styled lips, lashes, brows, and/or eyeliner 24/7.
  4. Individuals who don’t suffer from any skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis. 
  5. Ideal for people who workout or sweat a lot as this can cause regular makeup to smudge.
  6. Busy working women who want to look their best at all times but don’t have the time to constantly apply makeup.
  7. Adults wanting to look flawless, younger, and avoid the use of expensive cosmetics would greatly benefit from PMU
  8. Women wanting to enhance their facial features with a soft and natural look

How Young Is Too Young For Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is suitable for men and women over the age of 18. Clients looking for permanent makeup solutions can range from young adults to seniors, even those above the age of 90. 


In some cases, permanent makeup can also be applied to teens under the age of 18 as long as they can provide written and authorized parental consent. 


However, if you are underage, you should consider the fact that you may experience significant changes in your skin as you grow a bit older. Thus, in many cases, it might be best to wait until you are of age before seeking out these services. 


So, if you are underage you might be too young for permanent makeup, but if you’re over 18, use expensive cosmetics, and love makeup, PMU might just be the ideal solution for you!

Why Permanent Makeup May Not Be Ideal For You?

While there are many benefits of permanent makeup there are also some downsides to this cosmetic procedure, especially for those that have younger or sensitive skin.


  • If you have skin that easily bleeds or skin that is hypersensitive, prone to acne, or thin PMU might not be right for you.
  • If you suffer from a skin disease such as eczema, or psoriasis, or have any rashes or blisters you may not be a good candidate for permanent makeup.  
  • If you are allergic to makeup or ink
  • If you are someone who likes to try out different things, permanent makeup is not for you.
  • PMU services can be expensive and require maintenance to keep the look fresh as the ink fades over time. Touch-ups are also required to increase the longevity of the procedure. If you are not ready to adhere to the aftercare and maintenance required to keep the procedure looking fresh, avoid it altogether.
  • Younger skin is often thinner and can bleed easily which can cause the procedure to be less effective. 

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

Permanent makeup can last anywhere from one year to three or more years depending on several factors such as the level of expertise of the artist, a person’s skin type, rate of skin renewal or hair growth, and adherence to aftercare treatments.


While regular touch-ups can extend the longevity of the makeup effect and good aftercare treatment can result in much better results, over the years, the pigment injected into the skin will fade and eventually disappear altogether after which you will need to go through another procedure.


Are There Any Health Restrictions With Permanent Makeup?

Individuals who are pregnant or nursing their babies cannot get permanent makeup done due to the chemicals being used. The risks may be low, but it is not something that any studio would recommend. 


Individuals allergic to metals and colors should also refrain from PMU and so should those with health conditions such as severe heart problems, infections, diabetes, or a history of seizures. 


There may not be any age restrictions but such medical conditions call for strict precautions. This is why you should always opt for an experienced and licensed Permanent Makeup Artist who can prepare and inform you about the risks, processes, and aftercare requirements before opting for a procedure.

Trouble Finding A Renowned Permanent Makeup Artist? We Can Help!

A good makeup artist must possess the hands of a maestro. So, when you are ready for permanent makeup, some of the most essential things you must look for in a permanent makeup artist are:


  • Strong portfolio
  • Thorough knowledge 
  • Extensive experience
  • Reviews and referrals


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