What celebrities have permanent makeup?

What Celebrities Have Permanent Makeup

Most women can understand the struggle of finding the right makeup essentials and the hard work and expense that goes into applying makeup for every big to small occasion. And if you have to dress for work every day and appear polished all the time, then that’s a whole new level of pressure. 


This is why many people in the public eye are now turning to Permanent Makeup (PMU) in droves and why this cosmetic technique is growing in popularity. PMU is the easiest solution to the above mentioned dilemma because it gives you the quickest and most reliable way possible to look your absolute best all the time!


If PMU is a perfect solution for you and a rescuer of your looks during your busy schedule, imagine how useful it would be for celebrities who have to look their best all the time. With their super crazy work schedules, keeping up their appearance all the time is no less than a gigantic task. 


This is why many of them undergo PMU treatments to stay at the top of their game and maintain their beautifully sculpted features. You would be surprised to know that so many actresses are now turning to this mighty technique. So let’s dive deeper and see which favorite celebrity of yours has enhanced their faces with PMU. Who knows seeing your favorite one in this list might motivate you as well and you finally decide to get the treatment yourself? 


As if she wasn’t already gorgeous with that beautiful voice of hers, she went on to get her eyebrows done with microblading. There is no denying the fact that her already beautiful looks got even better with the touch of feathering strokes.


Winona Ryder

The famous Stranger Things female lead and everyone’s favorite, Wyona Ryder is apparently no stranger to PMU. Have you ever wondered how her eyes pop out on her angular face and her lips look deliciously full? Well, it is all thanks to semi-permanent eyeliner and lip blushing, which give her face that effortless look we adore.



Always a trend setter, the queen of pop has had her naturally full eyebrows enhanced in recent years. As we age, our eyebrows become sparse and a little microblading can be a game changer in restoring our once full eyebrows.

Elizabeth Taylor

The famous face behind Cleopetara, which has been admired by many generations, is the reason why PMU has become a standard now in Hollywood. She set the precedent for beauty standards through her gorgeously arched eyebrows and piercing eyes, which she had enhanced with PMU. Who knew the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor was the pioneer of the PMU movement?

Nicole Scherzinger

That sexy and intense look enhanced by her perfectly finished eyebrows is because of permanent makeup. It is not to say that Nicole Scherzinger wasn’t beautiful before, but PMU has taken it a notch up and gave her a sultry, truly effortless look.

Megan Fox

The famous Transformers actress, Megan Fox, who naturally had beautifully shaped eyebrows, also decided to add more richness to her features. She got microblading done on her eyebrows, which complemented her features subtly without exaggerating them. Now her eyebrows are her best feature and look amazingly thick and striking.

Mila Kunis

The gorgeous Mila Kunis who already had intense heterocolored eyes, has gone under the needle to get her eyebrows beautified with microblading. Combined with her unique complexion, Mila’s eyes and overall facial features look absolutely stunning thanks to her beautiful face framers!


The porcelain skinned music sensation who is immensely famous among the younger crowd, is not behind in this trend. While revealing her album, Melodrama, she revealed that she got microblading done on her already high-arched dark brown eyebrows. Where she was already an epitome of beauty with her cherry red lips and green eyes, now her fuller eyebrows give her an opportunity to look absolutely amazing without any effort.



The three-time Billboard artist of the year who has mesmerized everyone not only with her voice but with her beauty as well, has a reason for looking this swoon worthy – permanent makeup. Not to say that without PMU she is not beautiful, she is an established beauty in her own right but her microbladed eyebrows have without a doubt elevated her looks and streamlined her morning routine.

Mandy Moore

The A Walk To Remember and This Is Us star who remains in the spotlight all the time, has also undergone microblading. The treatment coupled with her pretty features gives her a polished and natural appearance even close up on the big screen.