Why Does Microblading Disappear During Healing?

Why Does Microblading Disappear During Healing

My Microblading Disappeared

If you have had the microblading procedure recently but your results are disappearing, you are not alone. You might have noticed that your brow color has faded as compared to it was right after the procedure. 


Worry not, because there are several reasons why your microblading may disappear after a few days, and understanding the process can help you to identify if your situation is normal or not.

Losing Color After Microblading Is Normal

Once you have had your microblading treatment, your body will start to heal the treated region. The healing process will lead to loss of pigment because your body tries to remove the foreign implantation. 


In an ideal situation, 85% of the pigment will be retained after the healing process completes at the end of the sixth week. It is important to keep in mind that there is some lightening that will definitely occur. 


Most people get worried because right after the procedure their brows are dark but over time as their brows get lighter.


During the healing process incisions that were made during the procedure are covered by new skin. This gives the pigment a faded look and your eyebrows might look patchy. Therefore, it is important to be patient and work with your makeup artist to get touch-up sessions. 

Is It Normal For Microblading To Disappear?

Yes, permanent makeup procedures such as microblading can disappear. It is important for you to have regular touch-up sessions to maintain your microbladed brows. These sessions can help you to keep your eyebrows shaped, colored, and well-defined.  Most people require a touch-up session once every 12 to 18 months.

Microblading Not Lasting Due To Possible Infection

It is also possible that your microblading disappeared due to infection. Infections can interfere with the healing process because they will cause the pigment to be forced out of the skin. In case the infection spreads into a larger one it can also cause scarring in the treated skin region.


Similarly, if you had an allergic reaction to the pigment, your body can react to it as an infection and force out the pigment. You can mitigate the risk of allergic reactions by ensuring your makeup artist uses high-quality pigments and dyes. You can also have a patch test before going for the full procedure. Remember that iron oxide pigment is the safest while nickel is the most common allergen.


In case of infection immediately consult your makeup artist so it does not worsen and the healing process is not interrupted.

Wrong Color Pigment 

Before you have your microblading treatment your makeup artist will advise you on the color you should choose. But if the color chosen for the procedure is too light then the final color will look gray. 


This can happen due to the mistake of your makeup artist so it is recommended to get treated by someone who has previous experience and has all the know-how.

Poor After-Care

Failing to follow aftercare guidelines can also cause your microblading to fade. The aftercare guidelines are given to protect the treated area from being exposed to elements such as water, beauty products, and medication.


It is important to discuss the healing period guidelines. Ask your makeup artist about dry and wet healing alternatives. Make Sure that your brows remain dry, and the ointment you are using is fit for you, also protects your eyebrows from sun exposure.


If you are opting for dry healing you must avoid swimming, saunas and take extra care while in the shower.

Possible Interference

Pulling off scabs or flakes can interfere with the healing process. A prematurely removed scab can also pull off the pigment. This can cause your eyebrows to look like they were before the procedure. Therefore, people who pick scabs should go for wet healing because it reduces itchiness and keeps them from picking scabs. 

Oily Skin

Oily skin does not respond well to microblading procedures because the excess oil pushes the pigment out of the incisions. People with oily skin can expect their microbladed brows to have a lighter color. 


Therefore, you should have a consultation with your makeup artist before having the procedure. So if your skin is too oily they will advise you to not go for a microblading procedure.

Is It Normal That My Microblading Disappeared After Scabbing?

Commonly known as the ghosting stage, microblading can disappear after scabbing. Remember it is a part of the healing process and scabs will take some pigment as they fall off. 

What to Do When Microbladed Brows Disappear?

You should remain patient because microblading disappears after scabbing and it is normal. The pigment will reappear over time as the scabs fall off naturally.


It is important to keep following the aftercare guidelines during this process and after six weeks you can go for an assessment of your microbladed brows. If they are still too light you can have a touch-up session. 


Bonus Tip: If you have itching and inflammation in your microbladed brow you should contact your artist because this can be an early sign of an infection.

What If the Pigment Doesn’t Reappear?

It is also possible that your pigment might not reappear because your microblading was not successful but this happens in rare instances. Here are some reasons for this scenario:


– The incisions were too shallow so the pigment was not able to bind with your skin layer. Therefore your artist will need to make deeper incisions in the touch-up session.


– Repetitive incisions caused your skin to develop keloids, which removed the pigment when they fell off. You will need to have the procedure again once your skin is healed completely.


– Not following proper aftercare guidelines such as not cleaning your eyebrows regularly can make your microblading disappear. You should be careful while cleaning the treated brows. If you do not take care then you will have to get the treatment again.


– Using incorrect skincare products can also affect your microblading. Retinol and acids can spoil your brows. You should consult your makeup artist before you use certain products.

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