Why Is My Microblading Turning Grey?

Why Is My Microblading Turning Grey

For the most part, microblading has few complications. When you pick the right artist and do your research well, few things can go wrong. Too-dark brows, too-light brows, and gaps in the brows are some common mishaps of the procedure, but nothing a touchup session can’t fix.

There is, however, one way in which this form of permanent makeup can go wrong – brows turning grey after the procedure.

This microblading conundrum is so unusual that very little information is found on the subject. Although rare, it is not entirely impossible. In this article, we’ll provide a deeper insight into the problem of greying brows after microblading, and what can be done to fix it.     

5 Reasons Why Your Brows are Turning Grey and Ashy After Microblading

Your brows aren’t supposed to turn grey after microblading, not even when they are exposed to UV rays. The pigments used for the procedure may lighten up or fade over time but they will not change their original color. If they do so, something has gone wrong.

Here are 5 reasons why your freshly done brows are changing colors:

1.      Infection

The greying pigment could be a sign of an infection. This can happen if your makeup artist did not follow proper sterilization procedures, or if you did not properly care for the treated area after the procedure and exposed it to a germ-infested environment.

An infection around the treated area can cause the pigment to turn grey, in addition to other symptoms such as swelling, redness, and soreness.

2.      Low-Quality Pigment

If you are not experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms but are still perplexed by your greying brows, it could be because the person who performed your procedure used pigment of subpar quality. One way of avoiding this situation is to steer clear of artists who are conducting the procedure at an extremely low rate.

3.      Mishandling of Pigment

Even if your artist used high-quality pigment, there’s a possibility that they mishandled the pigment. Poor storage can spoil the pigment and mismanagement can lead to expired products in the stock. These skin-safe pigments only work best when they are fresh and have been stored at a cool temperature.

Old pigment or those exposed to extreme temperatures not only results in grey brows but also shortens the lifespan of the permanent makeup.

4.      Your Skin is Allergic to the Pigment

Sometimes, people experience greying brows even after doing everything right. If you have followed all the aftercare procedures and the artists have delivered the best treatment practices, then there’s a possibility that your skin did not agree with the pigment, reactions occurred, and the results turned grey.

5.      The Needle was Cheap

substandard needles combined with low-quality pigment can end up with a grey appearance on the brows after microblading. It is because these needles are unable to deposit pigment equally, resulting in patchy and uneven results. They might not be able to pick the pigment’s color in its entirety, making it fade into a grey shade rather than dark brown or black.

What Can be Done to Fix Grey Microblading Results  

Despite the many reasons behind greying brows after microblading, the solutions are few. Here’s what you can do after noticing greying pigment:

  • If you are experiencing infection symptoms, visit a doctor first, and once the infection has subsided, you can seek solutions to correct the procedure. 
  • If you notice any changes in the color of your brows, contact the artist who conducted the procedure to discuss your concerns. Perhaps they have dealt with this before and might have advice or a suggestion to address any issues. The most common course of action is a touchup. 
  • Or, you can go to another artist who offers corrective procedures. They would assess the treatment, find the cause, and then recommend an appropriate course of action.  
  • It is strongly discouraged to try to remove or lighten the pigment at home by yourself. Always seek a professional to do the job. 


How to Prevent Brows from Turning Grey from a Microblading Treatment

Although solutions exist for grey brows as a result of microblading procedures, prevention is better than cure. Here are some ways to ensure you never experience such a thing:

  • Choose a reputable and certified microblading artist who uses high-quality needles and pigment. You can ensure this by contacting their clients, reading reviews, or seeing before-and-after photos of their work.
  • Discuss your expectations with the artist, and inform them if you have any concerns or allergies. You can even ask them for information about the pigment they use and consult your dermatologist about it. If they refuse to give you information, look for another artist who has no qualms.
  •  Follow the aftercare instructions diligently and avoid activities such as swimming, and sweating. Take a break from chemical peeling and avoid harsh and potent products such as tretinoin, retinol, Accutane, or acids.  
  •  Do not expose the treated area to direct sunlight for several weeks after the procedure, as this can cause the pigment to fade or discolor. If you can’t avoid the sun, use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or above to protect your skin.

Professionals at LUXE Brow + Lash Saves the Day

It’s normal for permanent makeup to fade over time, but it is rare for it to turn grey. If you notice changing colors in your freshly done brows, it is a cause for alarm. The grey color in the eyebrows is usually a sign of an infection or an allergic reaction to the pigment.

You must consult a professional as soon as you notice any changes in the color of your eyebrows after microblading. An experienced and trained professional will be able to assess the situation correctly and provide appropriate solutions. 

If you reside in Austin, TX, don’t let your greying brows worry you. Head over to LUXE Brow + Lash and you’ll be in safe hands. If you are considering microblading for the first time and do not want any complications, period, then reach out to us right away. We take every measure to ensure that our clients walk out of our salon with great results.