When Should You Get a Lash Lift Before Your Wedding?

When Should You Get a Lash Lift Before Your Wedding

Lash lifts are like a magic wand for your lashes, giving them a bold yet natural-looking lift and curl that lasts for weeks. It frees you from the clutches of falsies or tricky extensions, highlights your natural features, and elegantly frames your eyes. They are just your own lashes, but better!

If you’re planning to have perfectly curled and long lashes on your big day so you don’t have to worry about your falsies falling mid-vows, getting lash lifts is the best choice you’ll ever make.

If you’re already sold on the idea, Let’s dive deeper into what lash lifts entail and the ideal timing to get them before your wedding. Ready to explore the world of lash lifts? Let’s get started!

What Is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent procedure in which the natural lashes are lifted and curled using a perming solution. It results in long and curled lashes that elegantly frame the eyes and make them appear more open. These lashes last for several weeks and no longer require you to use eyelash curlers or falsies.

The entire process takes about one hour and begins with a detailed consultation. During the consultation, the technician will ask you about your expectations and may offer you different lash lift options to choose from. The technicians then clean the lashes and apply a silicone shield or a rod on the eyelid to lift your lashes. A lifting and a setting solution are applied to lift the lashes and to lock in the curls. Your technician may also nourish and strengthen your lashes with a conditioning serum.

The lash lift gives the most natural appearance compared to false lashes and requires minimal maintenance. They can last you 6 to 8 weeks during which you’ll wake up every day to beautifully curled lashes and look effortlessly ethereal on your wedding day!

Are There Any Side Effects of Lash Lifts?

Lash lifts involve the use of a perming solution. This solution is not harmful in any way, but there’s a rare chance that it may cause damage to lashes in some people. However, when the procedure is done properly, this risk can be mitigated.

In contrast, lash lifts eliminate the use of eyelash curlers and decrease the use of mascara, which helps strengthen the lashes and prevent breakage. A few technicians also apply keratin treatments or conditioners that assist in maintaining the health of the lashes and nourishing them.

When’s the Best Time to Get Lash Lifts Before the Wedding

You must plan the timing of your lash lifts carefully before the wedding day. If this is your first time getting a lash lift, it’s best to have ample time on your hands to adjust to it. Even though lash lifts are one of the safest procedures, are non-invasive, have no side effects, and involve no downtime, it’s always smart to leave some time available for touch-ups. If you have sensitive eyes, it’s recommended that you do a patch test first. 

On the contrary, you don’t want to get the procedure done so early that the lashes begin to lose their lift by the time your big day rolls around.

The ideal time to get the lash lift is 1 to 2 weeks before the wedding day. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to adjust and get any potential touch-ups, and still have your lashes looking fresh on the day of the wedding. You’ll also need to consider a few things when planning the day and time of your lash lift appointment, such as:

  • Duration of the Procedure

The entire procedure takes approximately an hour, so make sure you have enough time to undergo the procedure without worrying about running late for any other appointments.

  • Other Appointments

A wedding entails planning numerous appointments before the big day with hair stylists, cosmeticians, aestheticians, etc. Keep everything organized and plan all appointments carefully to avoid conflicts.

  • Touch-ups

In rare cases, lashes might lose their lift due to the natural lash-shedding cycle or prolonged exposure to water. In such cases, you might need to schedule a touch-up before the wedding day. That’s why it’s wise to schedule your initial appointment with enough time to allow for any necessary touch-ups closer to your wedding date.


The aftercare is key to making your lash lifts last a long time. It takes nearly two days for the lash lift treatment to set in place and for your lashes to hold the lift and the curl. Anything you do in these 48 hours can make or break this hold. Here are a few aftercare instructions to keep in mind:

  • Irritants, dirt, and dust on the lashes can weaken the perming solution, so opt for weekend appointments if you have fieldwork that involves exposure to rough conditions.
  • Water can loosen the bonds of the perming solution and make your lashes droop. For the next 48 hours after the procedure, avoid swimming, Jacuzzis, wetting your face during showers, or using waterproof mascara.
  • If your skincare routine involves oil cleansers, facial oils, and eye creams containing oil, eliminate them for a few days.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes too often.

Also, make sure you have a cleansing brush to keep your lashes clean. Your technician will also inform you of other aftercare instructions that you must follow diligently so your lashes stay fresh on the day of the wedding and even weeks after that.

Let Your Eyes Sparkle on Your Special Day

Lash lifts make your lashes the way you’ve always wanted them, naturally long and curled. They give you that effortlessly beautiful look that complements any type of bridal makeup you desire and they save you from all the hassle of eyelash curlers. Once you find your lash lift artist, you’ll never want to let them go.

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