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How Long Does It Take for Areola Tattoos to Heal?

How Long Does It Take for Areola Tattoos to Heal

Areola Tattooing is a micro-pigmentation process that involves implanting a small amount of skin-safe pigment under the surface layer of the skin, using needles. This procedure gives permanent color to the nipples and areola but doesn’t go as deep into the skin as a regular traditional tattoo.  Additionally, the technique and hand movement involved in […]

Is Areola Tattooing Permanent?

Is Areola Tattooing Permanent

After mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, you have officially defeated cancer. For many survivors, the final step to that journey is having nipples that appear exactly like they used to. That’s where the art of areola tattoos and 3D nipple tattoos came in.  One of the first questions asked about these tattoos is how long […]