Microblading for Men: Achieving Defined, Masculine Brows

Microblading for Men Achieving Defined, Masculine Brows

In the 21st century, gender—biases are becoming a thing of the past, and procedures such as microblading, once popular amongst women, now cater to the needs of men as well. 

Having killer eyebrows is not just a girl thing anymore — it’s for every person struggling with the woes of sparse eyebrows. In light of this, microblading offers a solution that not only saves your time in the morning but also improves your self-esteem.

Today in this article, we will be exploring the rising trend of microblading for men and how this procedure can help men achieve defined and masculine eyebrows that they have always wanted!

Microblading for Men: What Is It?

Microblading is a permanent makeup procedure that involves the dexterity of a permanent makeup artist’s hand and the use of ultra-fine needles to deposit pigment into the skin’s surface layer mimicking hair strokes.

These tiny hair-like strokes create the illusion of defined, fuller, and natural-looking eyebrows, providing an individual with a polished look.

Microblading Process: The Drill

The Microblading process is a very meticulous permanent makeup procedure that involves the hands of a true professional. To get those flawless brows to turn heads, a permanent makeup artist works their magic in the following stages:

Step #1: The Consultation 

The microblading procedure sets the stage with the founding step of consultation. This is a prime step where the client and the permanent makeup artist get to know each other. In this step, the artist will examine your natural brow shape, face structure, and expectations. Since men’s eyebrows are not as clean as women’s, some existing hair may need to be trimmed or waxed during this stage to ensure a finesse procedure. 

Step #2: The Blue-Print Stage

In this stage, you and the makeup artist will carefully choose the desired shape, thickness, and color of the brows to ensure all expectations are met. A good makeup artist will map by measuring the length of your eyebrows and marking the length and arch with a pen so the pigment can be meticulously inserted without any error.

Step #3: Numb It Up

Before the procedure begins, a numbing cream is applied to the brow area to minimize discomfort as much as possible. Then begins the procedure, which involves shaping and shading, lasting around 2-3 hours.

Step #4: Aftercare Tips

After the procedure is complete, the permanent makeup artist will provide you with the key to maintain those eyebrows — the aftercare tips. You must keep the treated area dry and clean in the days following the procedure and avoid activities that involve the use of water or cause sweat. To ensure long-lasting and good results, you have to strictly adhere to these tips.

Remember, take care of things, and they will last!

Microblading 101: Navigating The Journey To Healing

It is important for men undergoing microblading to adhere to all the precautionary measures as if their lives depend on it. The initial days progressing toward complete recovery involve slight discomfort, itching, and scabbing. It is important to resist the urge to scratch or wash your newly done brows during the early days. 

Benefits of Microblading: Making Men-brow Game Strong

Ideal For Men

Microblading is one of the most ideal permanent makeup techniques out there for men because of its natural-looking results. With this technique, the artist creates the illusion of fuller natural-looking eyebrows that complement your facial features and make them look sharper helping you feel your best.

Experience A Boost In Confidence

With age men often experience thinning of brows, which results in lower self-esteem. You can also lose brow hair for hereditary reasons or due to certain illnesses. This is where microblading is most useful as it helps fill the sparse areas of your brow with pigment that mimics real hair.

Saves Your Time

In the daily hustle-bustle of life, taking the time out to groom yourself frequently can be hard. Micro-blading offers a time-saving solution to maintain well-groomed brows for, “You must never underestimate the power of a good brow.”

Less Up-Keep

Microblading can last up to 3 years with proper maintenance making it cost-efficient when compared to the other makeup techniques, which are not that lasting. The cherry on top? You get to wake up to perfectly groomed brows every day!

Microblading: The Risks Involved

While microblading is generally considered safe, there are a few situational risks involved.

Make sure that the studio and the artist you choose follow proper precautionary methods for unsterilized instruments or unhygienic environments that can result in infections.

It is also important to do a patch test before beginning the treatment to avoid any allergic reactions. 

The most important factor though is choosing the right artist. Look for an artist who has plenty of experience and a solid track record of satisfied customers. While an inexperienced artist may cost less they won’t offer the same results as a skilled artist and in some cases can even cause your brows to look even worse than before!

So, make sure you avoid these hiccups to ensure desired results.

Is It OK for Men To Get Their Eyebrows Microbladed?

It is more common than you would think. A study by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery revealed that eyebrow procedures, like microblading, saw a 37% surge in demand amongst male patients in the past year. It seems men care about their brows just like women do as looking your best isn’t a gender thing but something that all humans crave and want.

Make Your Brow Game Strong With Luxe Brow + Lash

Microblading has been typically pre-dominant amongst women, but since men have become more and more inclined towards self-grooming, it has made its mark amongst men as well. 

Whether you are looking to achieve perfectly defined brows or looking to fill in the sparse areas – microblading has got you covered.

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