How Long Do Results Last for Each Permanent Makeup Service?

How Long Do Results Last for Each Permanent Makeup Service

Imagine never having to care about your lipstick smudging, your winged liner wearing off, or creating that perfect eyebrow arc. For anyone navigating through life’s hustles, the luxury of never having to care about these makeup rituals is nothing short of a dream come true. 

Well, you can make this possible with the tools of permanent makeup. There is a famous saying that perfectly depicts the rightful popularity of permanent makeup and its advantages, “Makeup is not a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful but to magnify the beauty that already exists.” 

But there is a daunting question that lingers in every makeup lover’s mind — how permanent is permanent makeup?

Today, in this article, we will be finding out about how long-lasting permanent makeup procedures are. So brace yourselves, and let’s go makeup hunting!

Unveiling The Artistry: What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup, also referred to as Micro-pigmentation is a groundbreaking innovation loved by almost all make-up enthusiasts. 

Imagine rolling out of your bed with well-defined and perfectly done eyebrows, or eyes filled with liner and mascara, or lips that give a rosy tint? Sounds like an ideal way to wake up. Well, with Permanent Makeup procedures, you can recreate your favorite makeup looks for lasting time periods.

Lip Blushing Duration: How Long Does the Magic Stay

Lip Blushing is a specialized permanent makeup technique used to define and add a rosy tint to the lips, enhancing their shape and color. With a hand-held machine, an artist deposits the pigment into the lip area to add luscious hues to the layers of skin. Once the skin is healed and retains the pigment, it results in voluptuous and rosy lips — ready for the perfect pout.

Longevity of Lip Blushing: Let’s Find Out

Lip Blushing usually lasts for 2-3 years, but if you go for regular touch-ups and adhere strictly to the after-care instructions, it can surely help increase the longevity of lip blushing.

The longevity of the procedure also depends on various factors. For instance, if the candidate is a regular user of exfoliants, it can cause the pigment to fade quickly. Hence, it depends on different factors like a person’s lifestyle, after-care methods, skin type, and skin care regimes.

Permanently Perfect Brows: How Long Do They Truly Last?

Eyebrow enhancement is gaining popularity in the world of makeup. As the saying also goes, “Behind every great beauty is a great brow.” Hence, in the rapidly increasing realm of permanent makeup, various eyebrow techniques are gaining attention, each with its durability, typically lasting between 12 to 24 months. However, the exact longevity varies based on several factors and the type of procedure you have gotten.

One prominent technique, microblading, is a permanent makeup procedure in which an artist precisely places the pigment into the surface of the skin to create brush-like strokes to make the eyebrows look fuller and more defined. 

Another method, powder brows, utilizes a handheld machine with rapid motions to fill sparse areas of the brows, employing a shaded technique. While the procedure of microblading and powder brows may be similar, the results are different as powder brows give an appearance that you just filled in your brows with a cosmetic pencil.

Longevity of Microblading and Powder Brows:

The longevity of microblading and powder brows depends on various factors. For instance, Oily skin is considered an ideal skin for powder brows, whereas microblading techniques often fade quickly on oily skin. 

Therefore, it depends largely on a person’s skin and how long a product lasts. Lifestyle is also a determiner factor of longevity. If you are a person who is into strenuous activities or has a lot of sun exposure, this also puts you at risk of the pigment fading faster than usual. However, regular touch-ups can significantly help in preserving the pigment.

Lash Lifts: How Long Does the Lifted Look Last?

Lash Lifting enhances your eyelashes by giving them a fuller and voluminous appearance without the use of extensive chemicals. This procedure employs a silicone pad to delicately curl your lashes upwards, securing the lifted shape with a gentle gel. The result? Lashes you can flutter to your heart’s content!

Longevity of Lash Lifts:

Lash Lifting usually lasts for 4-6 weeks, but in some cases, it tends to last for two months as well. The durability of your lifted lashes depends on your growth cycle and how many after-care precautions you take.

But imagine waking up with stunningly curled lashes and not having the hustle to apply mascara every day. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Hence, this procedure is worth it, even for six weeks!

Wings to Fly: How Long Does The Eyeliner Magic Lasts For?

We all know those pretty lines and wings complete the entire makeup look. But it is often considered a time-consuming task, and this quote stands as a testament to the said fact, “Never ask a girl with a winged eyeliner why she’s late.

With that in mind, many women turn to permanent eyeliner to save time and seize the day with the perfect wing without having to hustle and bustle. 

Permanent Eyeliner is a permanent makeup procedure that involves the use of electric devices that implant the pigment into the eyelid to recreate an eyeliner.

Longevity of Permanent Eyeliner:

Permanent eyeliner lasts for 3-5 years, but at the end of the day, the durability depends on the quality of the permanent liner, your skin type, and your lifestyle regime. But with yearly touch-ups, it usually lasts for 3-5 years.

Make Your Makeup Game Strong With Luxe Brow + Lash

In the pursuit of effortless beauty, permanent makeup procedures stand as a knight in shining armor for women. With a life span averaging from 1-5 years, these procedures bring about a lot of convenience and elegance alike.

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