What Is
Brow Lamination?

A eyebrow boost that has hit the beauty world by storm is actually a very simple solution for capitalizing on one’s natural assets.  Brow styles have evolved significantly over the decades.  From ultra thin, curved and high, to thicker, defined and dark, followed by soft,  thin and wispy, to bushy, untouched and wayward.  All of these styles, and many others, have come, gone, and returned only to be  replaced by the next latest thing.

For clients who succumbed to over-tweezing or who were simply born with or developed sparse brows with age, any selection of eyebrow permanent makeup technique can restore the look you once had.  However, many clients already have generous brows and while permanent makeup can certainly amplify the look, there is another treatment that should be considered. 

Brow Lamination is a bit of a mystery because the title does not accurately represent what the treatment really is.  Perhaps a more accurate term might be “brow lift”; but this has been taken by the cosmetic surgery field and would mislead clients. Brow Lamination involves the use of gentle, yet effective hair perming solutions to guide the brow hair out of its natural growth pattern. 

brow lamination
brow lamination process by the professional

How Does The
Process Work?

For example, the typical eyebrow might have 3, sometimes even 4 hair growth directions.  They generally begin with upward growth, slowly leaning outward towards the ears and ending off sometimes growing completely downwards toward the jaw.  Sometimes brow hair can even stand straight up off the face.  Trying to comb or tame them can be a challenge and will inevitably involve sticky, waxy products that are inconvenient and can even be toxic or irritating as is the case for many drug store cosmetics.

Using these, the brows must be thoroughly washed every night, only to be reapplied again in the morning.  Yet, in about 10 to 20 minutes, a brow lamination technician uses the specialized solution to release the force of the brow hair growth so that on completion, the client is able to shape or comb their eyebrow however they like.  Whether tidy and defined or fluffy looking and youthful, it depends entirely on your mood, the day, the occasion.  One inexpensive brow tool will allow you to shape your natural brows as you wish. 

he best parts are that this treatment will last up to 8 weeks with care, it is inexpensive, it is quickly performed, and eliminates daily management.  Even better is that once the solution is washed off the skin, there is zero residue as would be the case with daily use gels and styling aids, so skin and brow remain healthy.