The Pros and Cons of Lash Lift

The Pros and Cons of Lash Lift

We have been hearing a lot about lash lifts lately. So, what is this remarkable new treatment in the beauty industry, and should we be weighing its pros and cons? Definitely!

 Lash Lift is a professional treatment, performed by trained and certified technicians, to curl your lashes, semi-permanently and give them a dark tint to make them look extra luscious. The process involves a curling rod and a solution to set the curls permanently. These curls last for a long time and make you free from the use of mascara and eyelash curlers. In the simplest terms, lash lift is similar to giving your lashes a perm. The technician works with your natural lashes and no additional or fake lashes are attached. The results are glamorous and you feel as if you have been given a second chance with your new and improved lashes. 

How long does a lash lift last?

Lash lift lasts for approximately 6-weeks. The duration of your lash lift depends largely on your hair’s natural growth cycle. When your lashes grow out, they lose the curl. However, there are several ways you can extend the duration of your lash lift, by some proper caring methods.  

The first and the best thing to do, when making up your mind about anything, is to weigh its pros and cons. In the end, your decision will favor the side that is the heaviest. To help you along your journey, we are listing down the most common pros and cons of lash lift. Here you go:


The Pros Of Lash Lift

Your Eyes Look Bigger and More Open

One of the reasons why eyelashes hold such importance in the beauty industry is because they play a role in making your eyes look captivating. People with small lashes or with lash extensions often complain about having clumps and heavier-looking eyes or having no visible lashes at all. Lash lift on the other hand enhances your natural lashes, making them appear longer, separate, and curled upwards. As a result, your eyes instantly look bigger and more open. They also help greatly in your eye makeup and you’d suddenly find yourself being able to rock looks that otherwise required fake lashes. 

Enhanced Beauty

One of the highlights of lash lift is that it enhances your beauty, rather than altering it. Lash lift is widely popular amongst a variety of people with different beauty standards. People who like heavier looks, and those who prefer natural beauty love it just the same. The process involves curling your natural lashes and then setting them for a lengthy period. The result is you with a little more jazz, and there is nothing fake or faux involved. 


There are only two lash treatments so far and lash lift is the cheaper of the two. The cost varies widely, majorly depending on where you live. Generally, the treatment can cost you anywhere from $75 to $150. 

You Can or Cannot Wear a Mascara

The lash lift allows you the chance to go mascara-free and still look like you are wearing it. On the contrary, if you love wearing mascara and want to give your lash lift another boost, then you can still wear mascara. The point is, you have a choice. On the contrary, lash extensions do not do well with mascara and often lead to breakage. 

No Touch Ups

One of the biggest pros of lash lift is that one sitting is all it takes to get such a glamorous look. The treatment doesn’t require any touch-ups or follow-up appointments. The one treatment that you do get only takes up to an hour, or less. The low maintenance factor is a pull for many people.  

Lasts Longer

Lash lift is the only lash treatment so far that lasts for more than a month. For some people, it can even last for 2-3 months. On the contrary, lash extension may only last about 3 to 4 weeks. 



The Cons Of Lash Lift

Lack Of Expertise Can Be Harmful

The entire lash lift can turn into a big con if you end up with an uncertified and untrained technician. Although rare, lack of expertise can lead to chemical burns and dry eyes. It requires a very trained and expert hand to put on the setting solution so close to the eyes.  Lack of expertise can also damage your natural eyelashes. 

You May Need to Skip Eye Makeup for a Few Days

Lash lift requires skipping eye makeup for a few days before the treatment.  While it is not such a big deal, it can be for people whose jobs require makeup. 

Not for Sensitive Eyes

Many people amongst us have sensitive eyes and water at the slightest inconvenience. We are talking about people who can’t wear contact lenses or even wear eyeliner on their waterline. In the lash lift, the solution placed on the lashes can be irritating for sensitive eyes.  

Not for Everyone 

Lash lift will hardly make a remarkable difference if you already have long and curled lashes. This one is not exactly a con, but not a pro either. 


Bottom Line

So, what is the verdict? As far as we can see, the pros of lash lift far outweigh its cons. We’d only recommend against the procedure if you are unsure about your technicians’ credentials, have sensitive eyes, or are already gifted with curled lashes. 

To get the best results from your lash lifts, search for highly trained and experienced technicians.  A good salon would also give you options for customizations such as the kind of lift and the tint shade. If you are unsure about your eyes’ sensitivity but still wish to take the treatment, ask the technician to give you a sample lift. That way, if you do get any reaction, you can stop it safely and make the right decision on time. 

Remember blurry vision is not a side effect and no reason to panic. It happens because you are required to close your eyes for a long time.