Microblading Eyebrows Austin Texas – Our Guide

Microblading Eyebrows Austin Texas - Our Guide

Gone are the days of voluminous, thick, and Instagram eyebrows. Natural brows are back in business and everyone is rushing to find the best way to get one. When we say natural, we mean brows that appear naturally perfect. Not only do natural eyebrows give us a soft look but also frame the face nicely and enhance our features. However, not everyone is born with naturally perfect eyebrows. Many of us have to dedicate at least 10-minutes every day to draw a pair of natural-looking brows.

But what if we tell you that there is a proven method to get naturally perfect eyebrows and that too, semi-permanently? What if we tell you that there isn’t one but many options at your fingertips? That most of your favorite celebrities use these methods to get that perfect eyebrow we all admire so much?

One of the most successful of these natural brow methods is microblading. You might have heard of it, but now is the time to learn all about it so you too can get the natural brows you always desired. Let us be your guide to getting the best eyebrows via microblading in Austin, Texas.

What is Brow Microblading?

The first order of business is to learn what microblading is and what does it entail? Microblading is an eyebrow treatment method that gives us semi-permanent eyebrows. The eyebrow hairs are drawn using a handheld device with strand-like needles. These needles deposit pigment under the surface of the skin, giving it hair-like strokes.

It sounds scary but it is not. The device used is small and the needles are extremely fine, the needles barely scratch the surface to deposit the ink. As a result, the strokes appear just like natural hair and the result is a pair of realistic-looking eyebrows that won’t wash off like makeup. The practitioner holds the device in their hand, which gives them complete control over their technique and application.

How is Microblading different from a Tattoo?

The reason why so many people are skeptical of microblading is because of the misconception that it is similar to tattooing your eyebrows. The truth is, it is similar but not exactly. Any person curious about microblading needs to go through the guide in detail before making a decision.

The main similarity between tattooing and microblading is that the ink is deposited into the skin. The biggest difference is that tattoos are permanent and last forever, microblading is semi-permanent and fades away after 18 to 24 months. Another main difference is that tattoos require depositing ink deep under the skin, whereas microblading injects ink just under the surface.

There is also a difference in the type of pigment used in each method. In microblading, the ink is FDA approved and is less-pigmented comparatively. As a result, the brows are softer in appearance and closer to the appearance of natural hair color.

Pros of Microblading

The biggest benefit of microblading is that it gives you eyebrows that appear ultra-realistic. This means you don’t have to draw on your eyebrows every single day and then worry about washing your face “off”. Due to this benefit, people who are born with barely-there eyebrows or those who lost them due to medical conditions now have an option to walk around with stunning brows.

What Happens During a Microblading Session?

You must know what to expect during a microblading eyebrows Austin session. First off, the artist will draw your eyebrows and shape them to develop a look that best suits your face and features. Once that’s done, a numbing cream will be applied to minimize the discomfort.

The artist will discuss your preference, your eyebrow color, and the shape with you. Once you are completely satisfied with the decision, the artist will begin depositing ink with the handheld tool. The procedure takes 120-165 minutes to complete.

Microblading Aftercare and Healing

Aftercare and healing in microblading play a major role in deciding how long the results last. People who’ve had experience with tattoos would have an idea about aftercare. Your permanent makeup artist in Austin, Texas would go over the aftercare with you. You need to follow the instructions carefully to get the best results. The general rules are simple, don’t let water touch your face for the first few days, apply the provided ointment, clean using distilled water, and do not pick at the scabs.

Precaution includes avoiding activities that cause sweating and using skincare products with peeling acids in them.

This is also the stage where you need to observe your brow area for any possible infection or allergic reaction. Redness is natural, but if there’s any kind of bleeding, swelling, or any alarming signs, we suggest consulting your doctor right away.

Who Can Benefit from Microblading?

Most people can benefit from microblading, whether you’re a fashionista, model, or just a regular everyday awesome person. An outstanding makeup artist would offer you customization of shades so that you can have the brows of any color you want.

When it comes to microblading, and other permanent makeup services, there are a few specific situations where it is not advisable. This includes people with oily skin, women that are pregnant, individuals with skin conditions, as well as people going through chemotherapy. It is important to consult with the professional permanent makeup artist before booking in.

How Long Does It Last?

Microblading can last anywhere from 1 to 2 years. You can expect the brows to fade faster if you have oily skin, sweat a lot, or use peeling chemicals on your face. You can elongate the life of your brows with regular touch-ups.

Like any procedure, there are risks involved in microblading as well. Lack of care from the artist’s end can lead to infection and a painful procedure. However, these risks can be minimized with proper research, educating yourself on the process, and going to a reputable artist.

Microblading Eyebrows in Austin, TX

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