Microblading Austin TX Cost – Is it Worth it?

Microblading Austin TX Cost - Is it Worth it

We know the popularity of semi-permanent makeup has reached your doorsteps and while many people gravitate towards it, there’s also hesitance. The fear and doubts about the procedure had people questioning whether the treatments are worth the time and cost?

The good news is, people are curious to know and want to learn whether semi-permanent makeup will be worth all the time and money they spent on it. As always, we are glad to be of assistance and set the record straight. While there are many forms of semi-permanent makeup out there, we’d begin with the most popular one– Microblading.

If you are considering microblading but can’t take the final step because of your doubts, then let us answer your question about whether it will be worth it. You can also check out our helpful guide “Microblading Eyebrows” for more information on the subject.

The Average Cost of Microblading

To measure the worth of anything, you need to compare the results to its price. If you are planning to get microblading in Austin, Texas, you must know the market rate so you don’t end up paying too little or too much.

Indeed, the cost of the microblading depends mostly on the esthetician you’re choosing for your treatment. Keep one thing in mind when it comes to semi-permanent makeup, never go for economical options. If you see an artist offering the service at unbelievably low rates, turn away. You almost always get what you pay for, and in this case, you will get it on your face and that too, semi-permanently.

The average cost of getting a good eyebrow treatment by a professional artist in Austin, Texas is between $300 to $700.  The cost can even go up to $1000 if you go to a fancy salon in a high-class neighborhood. Almost all the estheticians provide the service of consultation, initial session, and a touch-up session (six to eight weeks after the initial session) at that price.

If you want to spend less than $300 for your microblading treatment, you might be able to get it, but the results, in that case, are subpar and we can’t guarantee you that it will be worth your time and money. A reputed, trained, experienced, and professional artist might cost you a bit more, but they’d also be offering their expertise and results beyond your expectations.

The rates for microblading also differ from city to city and state to state. Hence, you might find different rates when you step out of Austin, Texas. As a general rule of thumb, eliminate the extreme ends of the price range. For instance, if you see rates between $200 and $1500, we’d suggest going to an artist that costs $500 to $750.

However, your decision shouldn’t be based solely on the cost. Look for an artist with a good track record, clean environment, years of experience, and amazing reviews. The bottom line is, do not overpay or underpay, and a genuine makeup artist wouldn’t put those kinds of rates anyway.


Finding a Permanent Makeup Artist

Like we mentioned earlier, whether the treatment would be worth it or not depends solely on the makeup artist you went to. If you did your research on the artist right, your treatment will be worth it.

So how do you find a permanent makeup artist in your city?

First off, take your time. Even if it takes you a year to find a good makeup artist, we suggest that you wait that long. Understand the fact that you are getting something done on your face that is permanent. Check out the technicians in your area and their work. Use the reach of social media to find out each of their reputation and expertise. Keep all your focus on the results of their procedure. Some of the important questions that you need to find the answers to include:

  • For how long has the makeup artist been microblading eyebrows?
  • Do they offer customized eyebrows for each client or does everyone get the same eyebrows?
  • How far is the salon from your house? Is the commute easy?
  • How much did their microblading cost?
  • Do they offer a touch-up session at the same cost?

Set your criteria as well when you visit these salons for research. If you want to see a live session, then ask for it. If they don’t show you, then go to an artist who would. Similarly, if you wish to see original before-after pictures then ask for them. Ask questions that you are confused about and choose an artist who satisfies you with their answers. If you are a busy person with lots of responsibilities, then also seek a makeup artist who’d be willing to accommodate your timings.

Lastly, set a reasonable budget and do not spend more than you want to.

Is Microblading Worth it?

Now to answer the question itself, is microblading worth it? Yes, it is!

With a good artist by your side and detailed research from your end, microblading is 100% worth the investment. Here’s why:

  • The results save you from applying eyebrow products for nearly 3-years.
  • It saves your time every day you apply makeup and allows you to shift your time and focus elsewhere.
  • It gives you the look and appearance you desire and can’t ever get from drawing your eyebrows.
  • You feel confident in your skin.
  • You get completely natural-looking eyebrows and not drawn-on fake ones.
  • You get to choose your eyebrow color, shape, light or dark shade, thickness, volume, etc.

The Takeaway

Microblading is an investment and you need to see it as such. Just like any investment, you need to see the pros and cons and be connected to the right people to get the desired results. The only way your microblading could turn out to be a bad decision is when you went to the wrong artist or tried to save money by going for a very cheap option. If you’re looking for Microblading Austin, Texas, you can have an eyebrows treatment by Luxe Brow + Lash and we guarantee you, it will be worth it.