Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

Is Permanent Makeup Safe

The popularity of permanent makeup is rising every day and more and more people are finding themselves interested in the procedure. However, knowing that permanent makeup involves breaking into the skin, many people are concerned about the safety and the risk of infections and allergies.

Allow us to put all your worries to ease. While the safety concerns are understandable, they are not a reason to worry. Certified and reputed permanent makeup artists practice the highest level of safety protocols and ensure that the procedure remains risk-free.

If you are going for permanent makeup, then we cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you go to a reputed expert. In whatever city you are, we highly recommend going to a trained practitioner who knows how to conduct the procedure in a hygienic condition.

Let’s learn about all the rumored risks involved with permanent makeup and explain why they are not necessarily true:

Myths Associated with Permanent Makeup

The safety levels of permanent makeup are only at risk when you go to an uncertified and untrained makeup artist. Most of the following dangers occur due to neglect on the artist’s part and are very rare. So beware, learn, and consult to keep yourself safe from the following risks:

  • Myth # 1: Permanent Makeup Causes Scarring

That’s simply not true, because the scratches made from microneedles are so minor, they only scab over and heal in no time. Scarring can only possibly happen if someone is keloid-prone and went to an amateur makeup artist. A certified and expert artist takes their time consulting with the patient and checking their medical history and skin conditions. If a client turns out to be keloid prone, they will not be suitable for the permanent makeup treatment and will be turned down for their safety.

When needles break your skin during permanent makeup, your body will see it as an injury. Since permanent makeup often involves minor scratches, the normal response should be slight scabbing and immediate healing within 2-3 weeks.

  • Myth # 2: Allergies 

A lot of people remain fearful of permanent makeup because they fear they’d contract allergies. Allergies can only be contracted when the skin and flesh react with something toxic and harmful to the human body. However, in permanent makeup, the ink that is deposited into the skin is carefully formulated with the safest ingredients, to especially avoid such occurrences. Allergic reactions in response to permanent makeup are extremely rare.

  • Myth # 3: Infection

You do not need to fear the risk of infection when your permanent makeup artist uses only sterilized and brand-new tools and needles on you. Fortunately, almost every makeup artist practices this safety protocol, not just because it is a common practice but also because they could otherwise get in trouble for malpractice. If you have any doubts, watch everything carefully when you visit an esthetician for permanent makeup. Read up their reviews and ask questions if needed, to make sure they stay on top of their hygienic practices and every piece of equipment is thoroughly sterilized.

  • Myth # 3: Reacting with Accutane

This is the only myth in the line-up that is true. However, if you aren’t on Accutane, you have nothing to worry about. If you used to take Accutane for acne but haven’t been on Accutane for the past 12 months, then again, you have nothing to worry about.  The only way this can become a risk is when the esthetician has been highly unprofessional and neglectful.  That or because the client forgot to mention it.

We are talking about the clash between permanent makeup and Accutane or any derivative of Vitamin A for that matter. Accutane is a medicine prescribed to people struggling with acne. This drug dries out the skin extremely to prevent pore-clogging, which eventually leads to acne. The medicine is strong and is not fit for pregnant ladies or people with liver conditions. It also doesn’t mix well with permanent or semi-permanent makeup and hinders its healing. You are required to be off the medication at least 12 months before the procedure.

It is the responsibility of the esthetician to make sure you are not on Accutane. The client also needs to be aware of this situation and look out for themselves to prevent any danger to their health.

How to Ensure Your Safety When Getting Permanent Makeup?

There are a couple of steps you need to take to guarantee your safety and eliminate the possibility of any risk.

We suggest doing the following:

  • Check the credentials of the esthetician you are choosing for your procedure. Check if they have the experience and expertise to conduct the procedure, check if they use FDA-approved devices, and check if they follow the necessary safety protocols during the procedure.
  • Ensure that the esthetician is licensed. You can find one in Austin, Texas at Luxe Brow + Lash.
  • Make sure to consult with your doctor if you have any medical condition. Only go for the procedure when you get a green light from your doctor.
  • Make sure to inform the esthetician of all the medications you are on, including the supplements. Communicate your medical condition and medications as transparently as possible.
  • Do as much research as you can on the procedure and your artist.
  • Make a point to ensure that sterility and safety protocols are followed.

The most important safety measure is to educate yourself on the procedure and the possible safety concerns that can occur. The more aware and educated you are, the most likely you are to note unhygienic practices and save yourself from danger. Permanent makeup of all kinds has possible risks, and we need to be aware of them before we undergo the procedure. However, these risks are eliminated when you do your research well and go to a trusted, reputed, and trained esthetician. Make sure to read up on their online reviews before you make the final decision.

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