Is a Lash Lift Worth It?

Is a Lash Lift Worth It

Those of us who aren’t born with long, luscious, and curled lashes, or lost them somewhere along the way know the pain of it. One can’t wear mascara all the time, and lash curlers only stay effective for a few hours. It was real trouble until the beauty world came up with the idea of lash lifting. 

Theoretically, the idea of a procedure such as lash lifting sounds perfect. The pictures of all those who’ve had the procedure done look amazing, but when it comes to taking out our own money and getting a procedure done on our lashes, doubts start to creep in. On one hand, you want to get the procedure done so badly, but then, you don’t want to regret spending your hard-earned cash and your valuable time on a process that you aren’t sure will work or not.

That is where this article comes to save the day. We are digging up on the lash lifting procedure to find out if it’s worth it or not. Here you go:

What Is a Lash Lift?

First thing first, we need to be very clear on what lash lift is. Lash lift is exactly like perming your lashes. It is a non-invasive procedure and only involves the application of a perming solution, a neutralizer, and a tint. The technician will place a silicon pad on your lids and comb your lashes upward before starting the procedure.   After 45-60 minutes, you’d go home with darker and beautifully curled, eye-opening lashes. 

How Much Money You Might Lose?

The rates for lash lifts differ from salon to salon. A fancy salon in a posh neighborhood of Austin, Texas would cost you much higher. A new, immature technician would give you the treatment at a much cheaper rate. We suggest going to a reputed and highly trained individual who charges you within the range of market rate of $125 to $175.  That amount of money would require anyone to pause and question their decision.  Is the procedure worth spending more than $100? The answer depends on what you are getting in return. If lash lift makes your life easier and beautiful, then we’d say it’s worth every cent. 

Is a Lash Lift Worth It?

We just learned that the entire procedure might cost you more than $100 in Austin, Texas. Now the only way to decide if it would be worth it is to see what you would be getting in return. Let’s have a look at all that we’d be getting from investing in lash lifting:

  • Enhanced Eye Lashes

The best thing you’d get out of a lash lifting procedure is a natural result that gives you a new and improved version of your lashes. Unlike lash extensions and faux lashes, this procedure appeals to the ones who prefer natural looks. So when you return home after the procedure, you still have your lashes, only this time they are darker, curled, longer, and give you that Disney princess look. 

  • It Lasts Longer

Lash lifting gives you amazing lashes that last for nearly 2 months. Some people are lucky enough to have it last for 3 months as well. That means, for 3 months straight, you get to wake up every morning with amazing lashes. We’d say, the procedure would be worth it.

  • Perfect for all Sorts of Lashes

The best thing about a lash lift is that it is a suitable procedure for everyone. It doesn’t matter if your lashes are short or scarce, the procedure works well with all kinds of lashes, and makes them appear long, curled, and dark. 

  • Low Maintenance

Lash lifting is most suitable for people who prefer natural, low-maintenance, and low-effort appearance. With lash lift, you can put on a bit of a concealer, lipstick, and swipe of blush and you are beautiful and ready for the day. It gives you a complete, put-together look without even trying. If that’s the kind of personality you have, then you’d find lash lifting treatment worth every penny of your hard-earned money. 

  • One of the Best Lash Treatments

When compared with lash extensions and faux lashes, lash lifting takes the lead. Lash extensions require some complex upkeep and are high maintenance. If you are an on-the-go kind of person who likes to get ready in under 5 minutes without any fuss, then lash extensions aren’t for you. Lash lifting allows you to have perfect, low-maintenance lashes for 2-3 months straight. 

  • It Darkens the Lashes 

Most people are under the wrong impression that lash lifts only lift the lashes. That is not true. This lash treatment could also includes tinting, which means your lashes are now not only longer and curlier, but they also appear darker, and hence, thicker. The results change the overall appearance of your eyes and make them appear bigger and deeper. 

Are There Any Drawbacks?

We can’t decide the worth of anything unless we compare its pros to its cons. At the end of the day, whichever side is heavier, wins. This is why we are listing down the drawbacks of the lash lifting procedure.

  • Due to the rising popularity of the procedure, there are many amateur and untrained technicians out there.  Choosing the wrong artist can cause permanent harm to your lashes. One way to avoid this is to specifically look for a trained artist with a good repute and amazing customer feedback.
  • People with extremely sensitive eyes might not be the best candidates for the procedure because the perming solution may irritate their eyes. However, you can visit a reputed artist and inform them of the situation. They just might come up with an idea to make the process comfortable for you.
  • The procedure requires you to keep your eyes closed for 45-60 minutes. After the procedure, one might experience temporary blurred vision.  
  • The lash lifting treatment may not show any remarkable difference in people who already have curled ashes. 

The bottom line is, a lash treatment might set you back a little financially, but it does what it says it will. At the end of the day, you will come home with longer, thicker, and curled-up lashes, which are guaranteed to look good. The only place where the procedure can go wrong is if you end up in the hands of the wrong artist. If you want to eliminate that possibility, we suggest checking out  Luxe Brow + Lash, in Austin TX, to ensure that the procedure ends up being worth it.