How Painful is an Areola Tattoo?

How painful is an areola tattoo

Breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomy choose to recreate their nipples or areola as it can be a vital step in the breast reconstruction process. The majority of women opt for the less invasive procedures to restore the natural appearance of their breasts following an emotional and physically painful mastectomy.

What is an areola tattoo?

An areola tattoo is a cosmetic procedure carried out on the chest or breast area where the areola is found. During the procedure they amend the appearance of the nipple in some way; either furnishing someone with a nipple or changing its shape and color.

Areola tattoos are carried out in the same way as traditional tattooing. A pigment is deposited through a needle under the skin into the papillary layer. This form of tattooing is extremely complicated and should only be performed by an extraordinarily talented and highly trained tattoo artist.

The procedure is done with the help of a small electronic tattoo machine, using disposable and sterile needles but unlike any other form of microblading, it lasts much longer.

Many women choose to have a 3D areola tattoo, which is a three-dimensional picture of an areola or nipple on the breast. These are permanent tattoos that look realistic.

Who can areola tattoos benefit?

Areola tattoos benefit people who have undergone a mastectomy or double mastectomy by creating a new nipple. This form of treatment can help breast cancer survivors become comfortable in their bodies post-surgery and boost their self-confidence. As compared to breast reconstruction, areola tattooing is a much quicker and less invasive procedure.

Areola tattooing is not only for cancer survivors but also for people who have undergone chest surgery. It also benefits people who have asymmetrical areolas, to resize and reshape them for them. 

Many breast cancers survivors now opt for areola tattooing over breast reconstruction surgery due to the following reasons:

  • Avoiding surgery and formation of new scars
  • It is relatively an easier healing and healing recovery process 
  • A tattoo expert can add pigments and fine details to the nipple and areola that cannot be done with surgery. 

Does the areola tattoo hurt?

Areola tattooing is done on patients who have undergone mastectomy and have received breast restoration surgery. In most cases, patients may have suffered some form of nerve damage in and around the breast region. It is therefore common for a patient to feel mild tingling pain during the tattooing process. However, the pain caused is still much less than traditional tattooing.  

Aftercare and healing time:

Areola tattoos will take on average, 10-14 days to heal but this may depend on the nature of the skin and its healing process. 

 A healing piece of areola ink will go through three stages: healing, peeling, and lightning.

  • Healing: The area in which skin was injected will be scabbed to protect it from infection, as open wounds are more likely to get infected 
  • Peeling: Once the tattoo area is healed the scab falls off. It is noted not to pick off or scratch the scabs from the treated area because it may result in pigment loss. 
  • Fading: Soon after the area is healed and the scab has fallen off the tattooed area, a lighter shade of the implanted color is seen. 

After the treatment, a person may experience slight swelling, redness, and a feeling of tightness in the skin. There are possible ways to ease discomfort, and pain by including taking analgesics like paracetamol. 

It is important to follow aftercare instructions following the procedure for at least 14 days to reduce the risk of infection. The person can take a bath the next day but avoid using soap or soaking the pigmented area with the water. Keep the pigmented area clean and dry. Make sure to apply the recommended ointment over the nipple and areola area and place gauze-bandage over it to reduce the discomfort. Avoid touching the pigmented area with your fingers until it is completely healed to prevent infection.

For how long does an areola tattoo last?

Although areola tattoos bring a permanent change to the skin, as it’s a form of cosmetic tattooing, it may fade over time. The goal of this cosmetic tattooing is to create a natural look. The cosmetic tattoo has less concentrated pigment than traditional inks that’s why the body dissolves it much quicker. It’s better to avoid irritants like aloe Vera, salt or chlorinated water, harsh cleansers, Retin-A, or glycolic acid, as these could cause the areola tattoo to fade more rapidly.  

Finding an expert areola tattoo artist: 

As the areola tattoo technique is a very precise and delicate procedure, it is important to find a qualified person. Areola tattoos can be done by staff members at a plastic surgeon’s place but it is better to ask the medical team to recommend a good areola tattoo artist who has wide experience. The tattoo artist must be well-informed, for example, about the elements involved in tattooing skin that has scars. It’s better to see photos of the work of a nipple tattoo done by the artist earlier.

Once you have found a good artist, book an appointment for a consultation to let the artist know about your scars and skin texture ahead of time, so they can discuss the ideas with you and share their professional prowess on the matter.  

Tattooing the nipples and areolas may make anyone feel more at ease with their new or natural breasts. 

Takeaways – Areola Tattoo Artist Near Me

Areola tattoos have an upper hand over breast reconstruction surgery as it is a less invasive, and less painful procedure. It is done by depositing pigments in the skin with the help of sterile needles. It also benefits people who have asymmetrical areolas to resize them.

As compared to the rest of the microblade processes it is less painful and heals quickly. It usually takes 10-14 days to fully heal. Always remember it’s necessary to follow aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of infection. 

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