How Much Does a Lash Lift Cost in Austin Texas?

How Much Does a Lash Lift Cost in Austin Texas

Perhaps one of the most beloved makeup essentials is mascara. It’s as if the entire world and all the cultures in it have unanimously agreed that long, dark, and curling lashes are synonymous with beauty. Realizing that, beauty made some innovations and went one step further than mascara by giving us amazing options like lash extensions and lash lift.

While lash extensions have been around for some time now, the latest rage and hype is all about the lash lifts. All the celebrities are all about lash lifts and so are all the beauty gurus. However, despite the rising popularity, the treatment is often one big question mark for those considering it. The eye-opening and lash curling results are obvious and guaranteed but one always wonders if their money will be well-spent. The question that comes right after is how much does it even cost? 

If you are a resident of Austin, Texas, and seriously giving thought to lash lift, we have the right information for you. Here you go: 

The Average Cost of a Lash Lift in Austin, Texas


Just like any other cosmetic procedure, the cost of a lash lift in Austin, Texas differs from one salon to another and one neighborhood to another. To get the best results from your lash lift, from a high-end salon in Austin, we suggest budgeting your treatment around $125 to $175. However, the average cost is $100. It’s safe to say the market price of lash lift in Austin, Texas ranges from $50 to $175.  

What makes these prices differ so much? Well, there are many factors involved that affect the cost of the lash lift, here are some of them: 

  • Location: It’s a universal rule that service at a posh town or a big city always costs higher than its less extravagant counterparts. The same goes for lash lift. Austin is the state capital, which makes it a bit on the pricier side. On the flip side, it is huge which means you get a wider price range to choose from. 
  • Reputation: The goodwill of every business sells. If the salon you have chosen for your lash lift treatment has a good reputation and raving reviews then be prepared for a slightly higher cost. Vice versa is true too, lesser-known salons and new artists would charge you less for the lash lift. 
  •  Product Quality: If the salon you have chosen uses high-end products for the lash lift, then rest assured, the cost would be higher. In hindsight, do your research on the best lash perm products in the market and ensure that your artist only uses the best ones for you. 
  • Competition: if you end up going into a town with high competition, you’d find varying costs from one salon to another, and you can have your pick. However, places with lower competition would most likely all have the same cost. 

Keep these factors in mind when you head out to find out your place of treatment. 

Is a Lash Lift Worth the Money?


It’s natural to feel hesitant and second guess your decision when your hard-earned money is involved. To help you decide whether lash lift will be worth the expense, we are listing down the reasons why the lash lift is a beloved treatment:   

  • Hassle-Free: When getting ready, lashes are a two-part process that involves lash curler and mascara. Some people go on the extra mile and add hot spoons, warm wooden sticks, and various makeup hacks to make their lashes appear extra-long and curled. With lash lift, you can skip all these shenanigans and wake up with lashes that appear naturally long and curled.
  • Options: Different people have different preferences when it comes to their lashes. Some like it extra curled, others want to make a subtle difference. Some people just want that extra oomph in their looks and want their lashes to grab all the attention. Then some prefer natural looks. Thankfully, lash lift allows you to make your own choice.
  • Semi-permanent solution: No matter how many coats of mascara and lash curling hacks you have tried, by the end of it, it will all wear off. Lash lifts however last for up to  6-8 weeks. Longer if you take some care. 
  • No pain and no inconvenience: The best thing about this treatment is that it is absolutely pain-free and rather relaxing. All you have to do is close your eyes and take a 30-40 minutes nap. Next thing you know, you’d wake up with long and curled lashes. In less than an hour! 
  • Low-maintenance: if you are too busy to take care of your lash treatment, you are in luck because the lash lift is low maintenance. You just need to stay away from water and moisture for the first 24 hours after the treatment and you are set for the next 2 months.  

Finding the Right Clinic for a Lash Lift Treatment


The most important ordeal in the entire lash lift treatment is to make sure you choose the right salon for the job. When we say right, we mean a salon that is perfect for you in every way. The salon you choose needs to fit your budget, have a good reputation, and need to be near your resident to name a few. Here are some ways you can find the perfect salon in Austin, Texas for your lash treatment. 

First off, rely on social media to find a well-reputed salon. Read up their reviews and watch the results on their feed. Next, make sure you inquire about the qualification of the tech. You don’t need to be hesitant to ask, because you’re looking out for yourself, and a good technician would be proud of you for asking the right questions. Make sure you check out the rates of all the competitors to make sure you aren’t being charged an obnoxious amount.


Looking For A Lash Lift Professional In Austin, TX?


Lash lift is one of the safest and most effective lash treatments to date. The experts at Luxe Brows+Lash in Austin can help you achieve those curls you never thought you could have! Book your appointment with us today!