How Long Does Microblading Last?

How Long Does Microblading Last

There are several things that make every human unique. Like our DNA, which separates us even from our own flesh and blood, we all have a unique pair of eyebrows. While some people grow eyebrows that are naturally thick and shapely, others might have thinner ones. There are also several factors like nutrient deficiencies and other medical conditions that can affect the healthy growth of your eyebrows. 

There was a time when having sparse eyebrows was something that people were burdened to live with, a time where there was nothing that could be done for people with damaged eyebrows. Safe to say that time has changed now. After all, in this day and age, there is a solution to almost every problem.

The Solution To Long-Lasting Perfect Eyebrows?

The solution comes in the form of a procedure known as Microblading, which allows anyone to have voluminous, shapely, and natural-looking eyebrows. Microblading is a painless procedure with long-lasting results, and something most women can no longer do without. 

Imagine not having to wake up in the morning and take the time to do up your eyebrows. That’s exactly what microblading promises. Perfectly shaped eyebrows day-in and day-out! Your eyebrows won’t need the occasional work done on them like brushing, filing and lining, instead they’ll just be perfectly set up the way you like them. The prevalence of “permanent makeup” done through microblading and various other procedures is second to none now. 

You’ll find several celebrities rocking amazing eyebrows even when caught by the paparazzi at a local shop, which obviously has raised several questions. Questions like, “How long does microblading last?” are heard all the time, which is why we’ve taken the liberty of answering them for you in this guide:

What is Microblading?

First and foremost, you need to understand how microblading works so you are 100% confident when you decide to opt for the procedure. The easiest way to understand microblading is to think of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos. The artist injects skin-safe ink into your eyebrows, providing color, and direction to shape your natural eyebrow hair in perfect symmetry. As a result, your eyebrows look naturally darker and fuller. 

This is possible thanks to the skill and tools used in the microblading process. A handheld device (much like a tattoo gun) is equipped with a blade with fine micro needles at its tip. The ink is introduced only to the uppermost layer of the skin thus making the process only semi-permanent. The ink will fade over time and the process will have to be eventually repeated.

This procedure is also an excellent option for people who have perfectly nice eyebrows but with little gaps in them. While microblading is called permanent makeup, it is semi-permanent and lasts longer than any other eyebrow treatments that have been introduced so far.

What Are The Benefits of Microblading?

There are several procedures that can get you the eyebrows you desire, but why should you be choosing microblading instead of any one of them? 

  1. Unlike several other permanent makeup procedures that emphasize on the fact that they are permanent, microblading offers the flexibility of saving people from ending up with the same style of eyebrows all their lives. 
  2. What makes microblading an even better procedure than it’s alternatives is the fact that it can be done more than once. So if you decide you want your eyebrows a different shape you can get that done in your next procedure. 
  3. Microblading is also a popular choice for those looking to restore the damage done to their eyebrows from natural or accidental causes. The procedure helps mask the damage and helps in restoring eyebrows to their natural state. 
  4. Perfect eyebrows for a year or more (depending on care) is truly a dream come true for some of us ladies 

How Long Does Microblading Last?

You might’ve read up on microblading in the past and came across a term called “permanent makeup”. This in fact, isn’t true. Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that takes pride in the fact that it isn’t permanent and does indeed fade over time. Although it will require regular touch-ups, one can expect their eyebrows to be in their desired state for a period of 18 to 30 months. 

The difference in duration largely depends on factors such as the lifestyle of the person, the type of work environment they are in, the amount of exposure to the sun or saltwater that their skin receives, their skin type, smoking habits, usage of chemicals, and nutrient deficiencies can all have an effect on how long the procedure will last. 

Another fact that not many people are aware of is that darker shades of eyebrows are known to last longer and require less maintenance, whereas lighter shades fade faster and might need frequent touch-ups in order to have long-lasting effects. Regardless, microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure because even though the ink used fades and lightens over time, it doesn’t disappear completely. 

But not to worry, regular touchups don’t necessarily mean you’ll find yourself going to the makeup artist every other week just so they can sort out your eyebrows. It just means that a touch-up is a way to go when you start noticing your eyebrows fading or you’re just not feeling good about your eyebrow shape, which can often take months. 

Extending The Life of Microblade Eyebrows

The best way to ensure your eyebrows last as long as possible is to take some precautions. For instance, minimize your exposure to sun and UV Rays. Avoid the eyebrows area during chemical peels.

You might also need to minimize your time swimming in the ocean if you do that frequently. Smoking is another habit that accelerates the breakdown of pigments in the skin.

The makeup artist and their skills also have a say in the longevity of your eyebrows. If the pigment is injected only on the surface of the skin, then the pigment would fade extremely fast. A certain amount of skill and knowledge is needed to get his procedure exactly right.

And lastly, take all the precautions and follow the aftercare instructions provided by your artist down to the tee. The more attentive you are, the longer your thick and luscious eyebrows will last.

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