How Long Does A Powder Brow Last?

How Long Does A Powder Brow Last

Research and development in the medical industry are driving innovation in the makeup industry as well. It has allowed beauty experts to develop ways to alter the way a person looks. People can get the perfect look with permanent makeup procedures and zero side effects. These methods also do not require trial and error to achieve the perfect look. One such procedure is Powder Brows.


Powder brows or ombre brows are the new alternatives to microblading. They have gained wider acceptance in beauty circles because of their long-lasting results. Powdered brows typically last for 2-3 years with routine touch-ups. They are best for people who have oily skin because the pigment lasts longer, while the microblading procedure fades more quickly. 


However, the lasting results will largely depend on your lifestyle and skin. This procedure is recommended for clients that have an active lifestyle or those who are into sports

Why Would I Need Powder Brows?

Powder brows and other semi-permanent/permanent makeup procedures are for people who are experiencing a medical condition known as sparse brows. 


Sparse brows are a condition in which the affected individual starts to lose eyebrow hair. A considerable amount of hair mass is lost, which makes the eyebrows thinner and lighter. This condition can be caused because of aging in both men and women. However, it can also be caused by excessive plucking, threading, and waxing at a young age. 


Additionally, sparse brows can also happen due to genetic conditions. It is also possible that a person does not have any eyebrows since birth. Hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies can also be a reason for sparse brows. 


This medical condition can cause distress, social anxiety, and self-image issues in an individual. So they might seek procedures to reduce the effects of this condition. 


Some conventional methods include brow gels, brow pencils, and brow powder, however, these are all temporary and require a lot of trial-and-error to get the desired results. They also consume a lot of time and are quite cumbersome. 


On the other hand, semi-permanent makeup procedures such as powder brows are done by beauty experts. These beauty experts can advise you to make informed choices, and the eyebrows will last for a considerable amount of time. 

How Is The Powder Brow Procedure Performed?

Powder Brow procedure has gained mass popularity and it is known to almost every person who has an interest in beauty procedures and products. It is one of the most common and successful procedures for treating sparse brows.  


The powder brow procedure is also called the ombre brows or micro-shading. It is similar to microblading but it has more benefits. If we keep both microblading and powdered brows side to side, the latter gives a much softer and natural look. Powdered brows are also a less invasive method. 


This is why it has become a preferred option among clients. The procedure is performed by a technician. She will add tiny dots with a tattoo machine. This is unlike microblading where the technician strokes ink in a hair-like pattern so powder brows are a little bit different.  


The long-lasting results of powder brows are because the pigment/ink is deposited onto the skin. The results can last anywhere between 2-3 years with routine touch-ups after three months.


After powder brow procedure your eyebrows will look fuller and more intense but eventually, they will fade and give a more natural look. The procedure is preferred by people because it offers a more natural and subtle look to the eyebrows. 


The procedure allows you to add layers of pigment and gives a much denser look. It is also less painful as compared to microblading. Makeup artists would often recommend this method for aging and mature skin, as it has a history of responding better to powdered brows. 

Which Procedure Should I Opt For – Microblading or Powder Brows?

There is a high chance that the clinic you have consulted provides both microblading and powder brows. Choosing between the two procedures can be perplexing. Each of them has its own pros and cons. It will come down to your preferences and what suits you the best. 


People who have no eyebrows are recommended to go with powdered brows. Moreover, if you have oily skin you should choose powdered brows. It is common for microblading results to fade faster on oily skin types. 


If you are suffering from spot balding on your brows the recommended procedure would be to go for powdered brows. They cause less pain and target the specific area. 


Also, if you want to get the procedure completed within a single go, you should choose powdered brows. Since they require touch-ups only once after three months.

How To Choose A Professional Beauty Expert?

Finding a reputable and trusted powder brow expert can be difficult especially when so many beauty clinics have popped up everywhere. To find the right expert you must do proper research this way you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this procedure.

So how do you find a permanent makeup artist in your city?

The recommended way is to go out and do your research. Most of the time, the presentation on online platforms and social media pages is far from reality. You can shortlist several clinics from your online research and then visit the clinic in person. This will allow you to understand the procedure and the services being offered at that clinic. This is necessary since the makeup treatment will be done on your face and will be visible to every other person. 

You must inquire the powder brow experts you meet about their methods and compare them with the knowledge you have. You can also take help from other people on social media this way you can find out about their experiences with certain powder brow experts, the quality of their service, and their reputation.

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