Does Microblading Ruin Your Eyebrows?

Does Microblading Ruin Your Eyebrows

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the eyebrows of an individual. However, this cosmetic procedure is too easily stereotyped as eyebrow ruining procedure. However, this is far from the truth. 


Microblading will NOT ruin your eyebrows, instead, it is a semi-permanent make-up procedure that will reduce balding spots and give a more prominent shape to your brows. Since most of these myths and self-made assumptions are due to a lack of knowledge. We are going to discuss the microblading procedure in detail down below.

Why Would Anyone Want To Get Microblading In The First Place?

You might have come across people around you who have sparse brows or even you might be suffering from sparse brows. The sparse brows are a condition in which the affected individual’s eyebrows start to lose their hair mass and balding spots start to appear. The eyebrows lose their shape and they become lighter. 


This condition can occur due to aging in both men and women, however, there is a high chance that it can occur due to excessive grooming of eyebrows at a young age. The condition can occur due to other reasons as well that include genetics of a person, loss of body hair due to hormonal changes, or being born with the condition. Malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies can also cause the shedding of eyebrow hair. 


This condition compels the affected person to seek beauty treatments. Traditional methods such as using brow gels, brow pencil, and brow powder can offer temporary respite but they are time-consuming and quite cumbersome. They also require a lot of trial and error to get the right shape, color, and filling technique to make it work. 


On the other hand, semi-permanent makeup procedures such as microblading can offer a more effective treatment.

How Is The Procedure Performed

Since we now know that microblading is done to treat sparse brows we can move on to how the microblading is performed. The procedure of microblading is similar to the tattooing procedure. 


Before the procedure can begin, certain details will be finalized in a discussion between you and your technician. The technician will discuss the issue you are facing and how the microblading procedure can mitigate it. You will also inform the technician about how you want your eyebrows to be shaped, the color, and how full they should look. 


The technician will also advise you regarding the aesthetics of your brows and what will suit you the best.


The first thing your permanent makeup artist will do is that she will apply numbing cream on your brows and start the procedure. Before the procedure can begin, it is important to numb the eyebrow region. It is an invasive procedure however you must have it to achieve the best results. 


Microblading uses a hand-held tool with a needle at the end of it. The technician will operate the tool on your eyebrow region to create hair-like structures. The hair-like structures are made using skin-safe ink. These hair-like structures give your eyebrows a fuller and luscious look with a perfect shape.


The hand-held tool deposits the ink into the layer just under the eyebrow skin. This is why the technicians also sanitize your skin before the procedure to prevent any infection. The handheld device is used to make controlled strokes with the needle, just like scratches. Eventually depositing the ink under the surface of the skin. The procedure can take anywhere from around half an hour to 45 minutes.


After the procedure is completed your microblading expert will give you a detailed brief about how you will need to care for the treated region. You might feel redness, slight discomfort, scabbing on the treated area. The redness and pain will disappear in a couple of days and then you will be able to enjoy the flawless look 

How Effective Is The Microblading Procedure?

The effectiveness of microblading can be elongated with the right care otherwise the results won’t last long. 


The effectiveness of the procedure will depend primarily on the type of skin, skin care products, and lifestyle. You can have regular touch-ups to increase the lasting effect of the procedure. The recommended approach is to have touch-ups once a year. 

Microblading is primarily for people who have brows but the weightage of hair is decreasing and balding spots are appearing. Otherwise, people with no brows should go for a powdered brows procedure. 


Likewise, microblading results fade away more quickly, on individuals with oily skin so they will be requiring more touch-ups. Aged people will also require more touch-ups and follow-ups that will elongate the effectiveness of their microblading procedure. 


In conclusion, an average individual can expect the results to last for about 6 months – two years with proper care and consultation. 

Do You Really Need Microblading?

Microblading can be a great solution for your eyebrow problems.


However, you will have to find the right permanent makeup artist for the microblading procedure. Once you have done all the relevant research, we can say with 100% accuracy that your microblading procedure will be well worth it because:


  • Now you will no longer need to visit the beauty salon for a shaping your brows
  • It will save you both time and money.
  • The results are more accurate and error-free.
  • Gives you a more confident and sharp look
  • You do not have to worry about stepping out with a dull look
  • You can choose from a variety of shapes, colors, and the amount of hair you want. 

How Do You Find The Right Expert

Finding a microblading expert can be confusing and difficult at the same time. Every other beauty clinic will claim to have the best microblading services so it is important to do your research and know every single detail about the procedure. 

You can ask them about the procedure they will follow and compare it with the knowledge you have. This will keep you from getting scammed and help you in identifying the right clinic and microblading expert.  

Do You Live In Austin, TX, And Looking For A Microblading Clinic?

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