Do You Still Have To Pluck Your Eyebrows After Microblading?

Do You Still Have To Pluck Your Eyebrows After Microblading

Microblading is one of the best options if you want fuller, darker, even eyebrows that draw attention to your facial features. You no longer have to spend long hours using makeup to fill in your brows. The information in this article answers questions about microblading and plucking your eyebrows.


Do You Have To Pluck Your Eyebrows After Microblading?


The aesthetic treatment uses pigmentation to sketch fine lines on your eyebrows. Eyebrows begin to look thicker and well-formed because the lines look like actual eyebrow hairs. The process does not permanently remove any hair in your eyebrows, and perhaps you may need to keep on plucking your eyebrows after the procedure.


How To Pluck Your Eyebrows?


You can develop stray hairs that alter the design of your brows after the treatment is complete. In this case, you can fix the problem by threading or tweezing unwanted hair. Waxing your eyebrows is not recommended because it can change the pigmentation in your skin.


Retaining The Full Gain Of The Treatment


You must stop plucking or threading eyebrows if you want to retain the advantages of the cosmetic treatment. Avoid threading or plucking for at least two weeks after your appointment to get the maximum benefits from the treatment.


How To Prepare For The Eyebrow Treatment?


You need to adjust your daily routine and beauty habits in successful preparation for the eyebrow treatment. To be more specific, you need to avoid injectable treatments and dermal fillers for at least two to three weeks before the appointment. During this time, it is recommended not to get a tan by exposing your body to the sun or using a tanning bed to prepare for the treatment. There can be delays for the day of your appointment if you get a sunburn.


We advise you not to thread, tint, or wax your eyebrows for at least one week. Abstaining from these treatments reduces the risk of developing skin problems or an infection. Another way to reduce the recovery time is to avoid alcohol intake for a few days. In addition to these guidelines, you might have to avoid using aspirin, niacin, and other medications and supplements for a few days.


Does Everyone Get Personalized Eyebrow Treatment?


Always look for a licensed esthetician that adapts your eyebrow treatment based on the shape of your face and personal preferences.


Understanding Your Choices


Before starting the treatment, speak to the esthetician about the eyebrow shape you want to achieve based on your facial features. Try to personalize your experience with the help of photographs of attractive eyebrows of your choice. The images help the esthetician visualize your personal goals for the treatment.


Show the esthetician older pictures of yourself if your eyebrows have become sparse over time to help them get an idea of the look you want to achieve. The images can help the experts return your eyebrows to their original condition. Alternately, you can decide to wear makeup for the consultation to show the skincare specialists your desired look. Examining your eyes with makeup gives a clear perspective of your artistic goals and choices.


Personalizing The Treatment


After you discuss your preferences, the specialists sketch your personalized brow shape. Consult with the specialist to select the right pigmentation shade that matches the natural color of your hair. The specialist should use the personalized pigmentation shade to design an attractive and rejuvenated look for your facial features.


What Are The Instructions For The Healing Process?


Don’t worry! You do not need to take time off from work to get the treatment, but you will have to adjust your daily routine. Make changes to your beauty routine. During the healing process, you should not pick at your hair or the skin of your eyebrows. Take a temporary break from your workout schedule because sweating can adversely affect your skin as you recuperate.


Avoid taking long hot showers because they can dampen your face or cause sweating. Switch to lukewarm water as you shower. Avoid going to the beach or any place where you might expose yourself to unnecessary heat that can cause sweating on your face. You can return to your usual workout routine after a week or so after the procedure.


How Long Is The Healing Process?


As soon as your treatment is complete, your brows will look well-proportioned and filled. Eyebrows appear darker and well-defined after the procedure because of the new pigmentation. The pigmentation gradually lightens in the next four to six weeks. Schedule the touch-up session after the first four weeks pass.


How Long Does Microblading Last?


Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment to transform your eyebrows for a longer time. Some of the factors that affect the longevity of the procedure are your beauty practices, lifestyle orientation, skin type, and several other factors. People with dry skin can expect the effects to last longer than people with oily skin. You can increase the longevity of the looks by using hats and protecting your face from prolonged exposure to the sun.


In most cases, the effects of the treatment last for about 18 months. The pigmentation eventually begins to fade and appears less defined. Expect the results to fade even quicker if you do not schedule a touch-up session after the first four to six weeks.


Can I Perform The Procedure At Home?


You can purchase an at-home microblading kit from different websites. Some of the products might be inexpensive, but this is not a procedure you should attempt to perform yourself. There is a risk of exposing yourself to germs that can cause a skin infection because the products are not sterile. Using too much pressure while performing the procedure can lead to large scars on your face.


Transform Your Eyebrows


Don’t worry if your eyebrows get thinner as you get older. You can get full eyebrows with a well-defined look by getting a microblading treatment. You will spend less time on makeup in the morning after the procedure. Click here to book a specialized consultation today with LUXE Brow + Lash in Austin, Texas.