Celebrities Who Love Lash Lifts: A Look at the Trend

Celebrities Who Love Lash Lifts A Look at the Trend

Celebrities have proved to be a great source for us to connect with innovative fashion and beauty trends, like the famous Selena Gomez’s mascara hack on TikTok.

Selena uses a pair of tweezers and applies mascara on it. Then the tweezer is used on the lower lash line to give a more defined look.

Although we all love a bit of mascara, as time has progressed, the need for a permanent solution has increased.

Lash Lifting is the new trend in the industry that unveils the secret of the piercing gaze behind fuller lashes.

Your natural lashes are curled from the root to the tip by a chemical procedure called “lash lifting.” It provides a temporary fix that can last up to six weeks and accentuates your features, making your eyes appear bigger.

Lash extensions have become increasingly fashionable among Hollywood actresses, musicians, and public figures. Like us, you’ve noticed this newest trend and needed to make notes.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of lash extensions as well as the celebrities who are all embracing this newest fashion.

Lash Lifting: What is it?

Lash Lifting is a chemical-infused cosmetic process that curls the base of your natural lashes, giving them a natural and clear-cut appearance.

Even though false eyelashes have been around for a while, they still require some daily maintenance and feel burdensome. In contrast, Lash Lifting curls your actual eyelashes making you feel like you have your favorite mascara applied at all times.

Also, there will not be any clumps left over, and what’s even better? The procedure is quick and painless.

Celebrities Who Love Lash Lifts:

One of the most breakthrough trends in the entertainment industry has been the Lash Lifting technique.

Many celebrities have admitted that Lash Extensions make them feel more appealing, and they appear more confident on screen. Some of the celebrities who have jumped on the bandwagon of Lash Lifting can be found as follows.

1. Katy Perry:

Katy Perry is a star icon who shines wherever she goes. She always has a polished appearance, whether she is off to the airport, out for a long walk, or off to a huge event.

Her makeup and style may change with the winds, but one thing that remains constant as ever is her thick, volumized lashes.

The secret behind her voluminous lashes is not just a good brand of mascara but the procedure of Lash Lifting. The longest lash is attached in the middle of the C-shaped curls to provide the star’s lashes with additional volume.

2. Kim Kardashian:

The Kardashians are a well-known name in the lash industry and the presence of her name on the list comes off as no surprise.

Thanks to the Lash Lifting process, Kim Kardashian sports fully volumized and curled lashes even when she wakes up.

The Pros and Cons of Lash Lift

Lash Lifts last up to six weeks, in spite, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of the procedure. Remember, it may feel ethereal to wake up with curled lashes, but your health comes first.

Lash Lift Benefits: Enhance Your Beauty With Stunning Curls!

1. Enlarges Your Eyes

The most significant advantage of Lash Lift is that it enlarges your eyes. Your eyes look more open because your lashes are curled upwards during lash lifting, making them appear more expansive.

Due to the lift’s enhancement of your natural lashes, the technique is excellent for hooded eyes.

2. You Can Still Apply Mascara

You are probably a mascara enthusiast like all of us. Here is some good news for you, you can still apply mascara to give a more defined and sharp look to your lashes.

3. They Are Low Maintenance:

The life after getting your lashes lifted is relatively low maintenance – a factor that appeals to many.

The Lash Lifting procedure takes one sitting only, and the entire process is of an hour only. There are no follow-ups required, and they last 6-8 weeks. What is more incredible is that they are time-saving on make-up days.

The Negative Side of Lash Lifts:

1. Lash Lifting offers a Semi-Permanent Solution

Because lash lifts only last 6 to 8 weeks, relying entirely on the growth of your natural lashes, they are just a semi-permanent treatment.

2. It Does Not Work On All Lashes

If you are someone with sparse lashes, there is a high chance that lash lifting will not do much for you.

It is possible to get your lashes lifted even with thin and small lashes, but it will not make a big difference. The procedure needs naturally good lashes, to begin with.

3. It May Cause Allergy

Since the procedure requires the usage of some chemical solutions, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to these things.

If you experience watery or red eyes with eyeliner, contact lenses, or anything else, this technique is not for you. The solution placed on eyelashes for lash lifting is quite strong and can cause allergic reactions.

Some other side effects of the procedure in rare cases can include rashes, inflammation, brittle lash hair, and dry eyes.

Who Is Not Eligible for Lash Lifts?

Are you thinking of getting your lashes lifted and being a part of this trend? Let’s look at whether you’re a candidate for lash lifting.

Many people qualify as a fit candidate for Lash Lifting. However, some individuals with specific conditions are not regarded as qualified.

People who suffer from skin conditions: Eczema, Psoriasis, Conjunctivitis.

Individuals who have gone through eye surgery or with a history of eye conditions: Glaucoma, eye infections, or sensitive eyes.

Women who are expecting: Women who are expecting must consider consulting their gynecologist before getting their lash lifted.

Final Thoughts

After exploring all the benefits and drawbacks, if the idea of having stunningly curled lashes makes you feel a little more trendy, it’s time to find a certified expert with dexterity coursing through their veins.

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