Can You Wear Mascara with A Lash Lift?

Can You Wear Mascara with A Lash Lift

Some of us are blessed with long lashes, but we never realize it because we lack the much enviable curl at the end. So, what do we do to coax those lashes into a curl? We use contraptions like lash curlers, and coats upon coats of mascara. Some makeup artists go even as far as using a heated wooden stick to curl the lashes. We use every trick in the books and not in the books to achieve the appearance of curled and lifted lashes. Sadly, that doesn’t always work, and before the end of the night, you are rocking some tragically straight lashes. 

Of course, then there are falsies and extensions. But these two options are ill-fitted for those with an incredibly busy schedule and like to get ready on the go. Thankfully, we aren’t out of options. The lash lift has been the ultimate game-changer we have all been looking for. 

With such a quick and safe procedure, lash lift has become the best possible solution to the straight lash problem. The subtle yet obvious change in the appearance of the lashes changes your entire look. It is also one of the most low-maintenance procedures out there. 

However, there seems to be some confusion about it. One of the most common questions asked about the lash lift is whether they can wear mascara with it. 

Let’s find the answer to that and learn much more about lash lift, and why it is one of the most beloved beauty treatments of the 21st century. 


What is Lash Lift 

Lash lift is quite similar to perming, only much improved and effective. The procedure involves perming the lashes using silicone pads, and curling them upwards from the roots, so they lengthen the natural lashes and give it a wide-eyed, longer, and fuller look. You can also pair your lash lift with tinting, so you come out of the salon, with natural-looking thick, lifted, and curled lashes – and entirely yours.  

This lift lasts for up to 8 weeks. One procedure can save you tons of times for approximately two months and you can step out within minutes, without touching any of the lash curling contraptions. 

The best thing about the lash lift is that it is foolproof and completely safe. There are no chances of the results getting botched. A professional artist will start the procedure with a consultation and keep your preferences a priority. 


What Happens After the Lash Lift?

Those who haven’t had their first lash lift yet are quite scared about aftercare and how to treat their lashes, what to apply on them etc. 

The good news for them, lash lift is the most low-maintenance beauty procedure so far. The only care you need to take is in the first 24-hours and all you have to do is avoid some things. The key to a long-lasting procedure is keeping the lashes dry the first 24-hours after the procedure. This means, no sweating, no showering, no swimming, and no saunas. 

You’ll also need to steer clear from cooking, using oils, lotions, creams, face washes, shampoos, and makeup wipes on your face and eyes until 24-hours after the procedure


Also, no touching or rubbing your eyes. 

After the first 24-hours, just take a clean dry spoolie and brush them daily for fluffy, long, and curled lashes. 

Can You Wear a Mascara with a Lash Lift?

While there is no need to wear mascara with a lash lift, one still can. Mascara, paired with lash lift enhances the lashes even more and gives it a more dramatic look. If you wish to ditch the subtle and natural look and want something more daring, wearing mascara on top of a lash-lift will give you that. 

However, it is to be noted that it is best to only use water-based mascara with a lash lift. Use everything water-based and oil-free after your lash lift. It is because oil-based formula can weaken the bond of lash lifters and make your lashes go straight again. 

When you apply water-resistant makeup and mascara, you’ll have a hard time removing them. The rigorous rubbing and using oil-based makeup remover mess up your lash-lift procedure. 

Another rule to using mascara with the lash lift and making it last longer is to wait for at least 24-hours after the procedure, before applying anything on the eyes and lashes. If you only apply mascara to get darker lashes, ask the technician to apply a tint. This will give you the appearance of naturally darker lashes without having to rely on mascara. 

How to Make Your Lash Lift Last Longer?

Like we said, lash lift is low maintenance. It will last you up to 2-months even if you don’t do anything. However, you can make it last even longer by avoiding a few things.  On top of that list are oil-based and water-proof products.  

Secondly, don’t apply anything to your eyes, and do not let the ashes get wet for at least up to 24-hours after the procedure. After that, make a habit of combing your lashes with a spoolie every day and applying castor oil for keeping the lashes strong and healthy. 


Book Your Lash Lift Appointment Now

Do you want to amplify your look and always be picture-ready, no matter where you are and what time it is? If yes, then a lash lift will be the best choice you’ll ever make. Give yourself a break from all that glue and extra minutes every day on the lashes. Go anywhere you want without worrying about crying, washing your face, sleeping, or taking a bath. You no longer will have to worry about dropping your lashes with the slightest misstep. 

And if you wish to wear mascara with it, go ahead. It will give you even longer and darker lashes. Can’t wait to get the procedure done? Head over to LUXE Brow + Lash in Austin TX and start living your best life.