Austin TX Eyelash Enhancement – What is a Lash Lift?

Austin TX Eyelash Enhancement - What is a Lash Lift

Are you planning to jazz up your looks and get those envious long and curling lashes? Well, you are living in the right century, because attaining something like that is no problem at all. Let us introduce you to lash lift, a semi-permanent procedure that works with your natural lashes and gives them an upward curl. 

Once you get a lash lift, you can ditch your mascara and your lash curler for good. The best thing about this revolutionary procedure is that it is entirely painless and has no downtime. A ton of celebrities out there have gotten the procedure and no one ever has anything bad to say about it. 

Another highlight of this eyelash enhancement procedure is that it doesn’t add anything fake or false, but works with what you got. As a result, you are still you, just a little bit more enhanced. 

If you are interested in getting a lash lift then you’d love to learn all about it here:

What is a Lash Lift?

When it comes right down to it, you can simply understand lash lift as the perming of lashes. Lash lift is not to be confused with lash extension. The latter adds something to your lashes, whereas lash lift works with your natural lashes and alters their shape, size, and color. Naturally, our lashes grow out, and as a result, it doesn’t give us that Minnie Mouse look, even though one may have naturally long lashes. What lash lift does is make your existing lashes curl upward and stay that way. As a result, you wake up every morning with gorgeous eyes rearing to start your day!

Lash lift works in subtle ways, and is especially preferred by those who don’t like outrageous changes in their looks. When the lashes are permed and curled upwards, they give your lashes their full potential. 

The procedure involves working on each of your lashes, lifting them, tinting them, curling them, so when you walk out of the salon, you have longer, thicker, and darker lashes than when you walked in. 

What Does the Lash Enhancement Procedure Involve?

Whenever you go for any cosmetic procedure, the best course of action is to learn about all the steps involved in it and all the minor details. Lash lifting is one of the safer semi-permanent procedures out there and there’s little to no chance of it going wrong. Nonetheless, it’s smart to keep yourself fully informed on the process.

The first step in the lash lifting procedure is to make sure that your eye area is completely clean and free of all makeup, skincare products, and oil. Once everything is cleaned up nicely, the makeup artist will then stick a silicone mold using a skin-safe glue on the eyelid.  

During the next step, the technician curls all the lashes upwards using glue and sticking them onto the silicone mold. This is how all the lashes are separated and curled individually. Lash lifting is only for the upper lashes so you don’t have to worry about the technician repeating the same procedure on the lower lashes. 

Once the lashes are curled upward and outwards individually, the perming solution is applied to them. The perming solution isn’t applied towards the lash tips. The solution works best and prevents breakage when it’s applied just on the roots of the lashes and towards the middle. The perming solution sits for 10-15 minutes to do its magic. The time can be less or more, depending on the hair thickness of the client and how it is reacting to the perm solution. 

The purpose behind applying the perm solution is to soften the lash hair, so it easily takes up its new shape. Once the perm has done its job, the technician will wipe it off and apply a neutralizer, also known as a setting solution. The setting solution hardens the lashes once again, so it stays in its new upward and outward shape for a considerable amount of time. Neutralizer is also essential to prevent overprocessing so that your lashes do not appear so curled that they look fake, nor do they remain so soft they end up dropping. 

Before the entire process, your technician will consult with you and inquire about your preferred shape and size. Once decided, they’d put the matching silicone mold. 

How Long Does a Lash Lift Last?

Perhaps the hottest question asked about the lash lift is how long do they last. Lash Lift is a semi-permanent procedure and for safety purposes, nothing too hardcore is applied on the lashes to make them last for a lengthy period. That said, the procedure will last for up to 6 to 8 weeks before it starts to wear off. Some people go as far as 10 weeks before their lashes start losing their curl. 

The reason why lash lift does not last for months is because of the natural growth cycle of our hair. Natural lashes grow outwardly in their normal pattern in 6 to 8 weeks, and as a result, the lash lift couldn’t hold longer than that. 

Preventive Measures

The best thing about the lash lift is that they are low maintenance. There’s absolutely nothing you can or can’t do that will affect the results. You can or cannot rub your eyes, you can or cannot apply mascara, but the results will remain just the same.

There are no particular aftercare instructions either. Just keep the eye area clean, and the curls will last somewhat longer. If you want to get rid of mascara too, ask your technician for a tint and you’d get that dark mascara-like effect on your eyes, au-natural.  

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