What are
Lash Extensions?

The eyelashes used for eyelash extensions are made of synthetic, soft, and lush fibers with a high gloss finish. We only use pharmaceutical grade adhesive which never come in contact with your skin. Synthetic eyelashes are adhered about 1mm away from your skin. Eyelash extensions last through the length of your natural growth cycle of each lash, which is between 60 to 100 days. Touch-ups are recommended every 2-4 weeks to replace lashes which have fallen off due to the life cycle of natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are easy to maintain. Avoid excessive rubbing and use water-based cleansers and products  formulated specifically for eyelash extension wearers like Lash Bath. Use a small Q-tip to carefully clean eyeliner around the eye.

The great thing about eyelash extensions is that you won’t need any mascara! Water-proof mascara is  DEFINITELY not recommended.

You should thoroughly clean your lashes with a mild cleanser. Do not use oily makeup remover to clean your  lashes prior to the application. Lashes should not be curled or permed (unless directed otherwise by your technician) and all mascara should be removed. Please remove contacts prior to service. As the service is approximately 2 hours long, you can bring your own iPod to listen to during the procedure. Please refrain from drinking any caffeinated beverages 3 hours prior to appointment. Shower beforehand since you are not allowed to come in contact with steam or water after receiving your new lashes.

It is safe to receive eyelash extensions on tinted or dyed eyelashes. However, it is not recommended to tint, dye, or perm lashes while you have eyelash extensions applied. Come in and let us professionally remove them with a special remover. Please do not attempt to remove them yourself as the glue is very strong.

Anyone who is claustrophobic, cannot lie still for two hours, is “eye phobic” (i.e. weird about things near their eyes), pregnant (due to lying on back for extended amount of time), prone to chronic eye infections/irritation should refrain from getting eyelash extensions.

How Does The
Process Work?

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