What Are
Henna Brows?

Henna has been used as a beauty treatment in many cultures for centuries.  While all natural and plant based, some henna products can contain an ingredient that may be toxic for some clients.  Owing to the explosion in popularity of this treatment for the eyebrows, products have been developed to eliminate the possibility for any harm to the skin or the client, while delivering a result that is outstanding.

Perhaps you are not suitable or ready for eyebrow permanent makeup.  Either you are thinking about an eyebrow cosmetic tattoo or you want to have beautifully styled brows for a holiday or occasion.  Henna brows offer an extraordinary temporary solution to expertly styled brows that will last up to 2 weeks with proper care.

Not dissimilar from a permanent makeup treatment, there is always a consultation session that precedes the procedure.  Clients will be asked about skin conditions and health matters and will undergo a patch test for allergy or reactions.  Client and artist discuss brow design and colour and this is drawn to the brow area for preview.   

Henna Brows Austin TX - Round Rock Location
Henna Brows in Austin Texas - Round Rock Location

How Does The
Process Work?

Henna brows offer a distinct advantage over eyebrow hair tinting alone because the skin beneath the brows is temporarily and safely stained.  Once the artist mixes the desired henna color, the mixture is applied to the pre-drawn area and is kept wet with tepid water, since henna is activated with warmth.  Several applications of the warm water is applied as the henna works slowly to stain the skin.

The highest quality henna products take a little longer to process than those that continue to contain PPD, also known as “black henna” which is the ingredient known to cause reaction in some clients.  It is very important for clients to be informed with respect to henna, regardless of what treatment they seek—whether hair, body decoration and most especially any treatment involving the face.  The removal of PPD has made eyebrow henna perfectly safe, while still 100 percent natural and plant based.

Overall the entire henna brow treatment will take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours inclusive of pre-drawing.